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The "First Experience" Thread
So, what how were your first few weeks in?

First, a little bit about myself: I personally come from Second Life where most places (sims) have no gameplay whatsoever, so RPing to get things done is the norm to advance. My biggest hurdle as a newcomer to MUDs and MOOs were (and still are) the tactical aspects of Sindome that involve stats, skills and commands.

My first character in didn’t even manage to get through immigrations, can you believe that!? Haha!

Some of my character’s chyen got nabbed before I could while I took my time familiarizing the basic commands at the gate, so I ended up roaming the Badlands until my character collapsed and all-knowing Johnny came to the rescue! I made the same mistake as many newcomers make into believing that, by having skills X and Y, I’d get the necessary information to advance my character’s career/dreams with a free handout of information. I was wrong, but that didn’t keep me from exploring the Dome’s gritty underbelly and gradually absorbing the atmosphere and mechanics.

Sure, my character died while roaming around and making the wrong decisions, and they hit pretty hard to me as a player because I had plans for said character, but that didn’t keep me from sticking around. It was three days in, maybe four, when my character croaked. I never expected him to, funnily enough, because I overestimated my character’s capabilities when I placed him into that situation. But my character did die. I saw red slide across the screen as what felt like the biggest punch in the gut, a visceral wake-up call that this is the Mix mottafackerr — just like that.

Since then, after a breather or two, I’ve made my second character. Obstacles are everywhere, progression is tough, but, despite all my failures and shortcomings, I’m absolutely LO-VING IT here. I can’t stress it enough how immersive it all feels, not to friends who I’ve been trying to join up, nor, now, to the community here with my wee post.

This place is raw and brutal and unfair and sordid, beautiful because of all these things. It’s like a splash of ice cold water to the face just to feel the relieve set in after. The beginning is startling, but all the achievements you gain by progression will be all the more rewarding because of it. Be bold, be your character, and Sindome will reward you in unexpected ways — as a newbie, someone who has only perceived the tip of the iceberg, can tell there is much more to see. It’s up to you to make those steps at your own pace, whether rushing the fence or taking it slow.

I feel you. My experience echos yours down to the detail.

I feel you so strongly, I feel compelled to write about what it's like beyond that initial hump crossing.

Challenges, at first, seem surmountable, just not to me. It feels like there's solutions available, they're just out of reach. Instead I find myself forced to integrate with the scenery, and in fact become part of it if I want to hang on to what I've worked hard already for.

And being part of the scenery had it's advantages. You learn how to live longer than a few days. You learn how to make a little more money that you spend. You learn how to make friends, and how to make enemies.You learn how to keep going.

Mostly you learn about how well some other characters are doing. And you want to be like them, so you try. And fail. Fail badly, in fact. But you learned something important in that failure, so next time, you don't make that same mistake. And then you try something else. And that fails worse than the last time, but you learned more.

And then, one day, it happens: The moment.

Maybe you wake up in the vats again, and have to RP losing your memory, and all the consequences of that. Maybe you learn your best friend and lover got permed. Maybe you go home after some really promising RP at the bar, only to find your place has been ransacked while you were away and everything you've been working for has been stolen. Maybe you were just idling in the street when the rain started to come down. Either way, you'll never forget that moment, because in that moment, everything changes. Suddenly it all makes sense.

The months of RP you've been working on haven't resulted in you being a part of the scenery, they've resulted in situations so complex that the opportunities that are now available to you are limited only by your imagination. That whole time that you were building your backdrop, it was really so when the main event happened, it had the right background for it to happen against.

And now, you are that main event. You are the reason for your own existence, and you are the master of your own destiny... even if it will be a brief and tragic one.

That brief and tragic destiny? That's what Sindome is about.

I know some people live in fear of losing their characters. I did to for many months. It wasn't until I understood PC's roles in this world that I realized I had been looking at it wrong. My PC doesn't do 'combat', but that doesn't mean they are not a warrior: I look forward to the day someone figures out how to put them down, because the RP that will be required will be so epic in proportion to any RP involving prolonging that life beyond it's natural cycle, that experiencing that epic RP will be worth losing a thousand characters to.

Or, maybe it will be deeply ironic, and entirely without purpose, which will in fact serve another purpose: To leave a mark. An indelible dent where someone used to sit, a reminder to all those who come after the rules of mixer life, and of the city itself, and how this is a place rampant with unfairness, tragedy, and loss.

Either way, I've learned that your life will move at the speed you move it at. Bored? Unhappy? Lonely? The sad news is your ultimately to blame for not RPing your character differently, but the good news is there's always time to change the road your on, and Sindome has a LOT of roads.

What takes so much time is learning where those roads actually are. And if you're in doubt, try finding out IC, because that's where you'll find the directions to them.

I'm pretty new to RPing, and this is my first MUD/MOO. I've PnP'd with friends a few times, and play some other roleplaying-centric games (Space Station 13, for instance,) but they feel very, very different from SinDome. For the first time, consequences actually exist, beyond the individual round of the game, or this individual session or two. Everyone isn't on your friend, but neither are they your enemy; they're just people, with their own goals, own pasts, own experiences.

Despite being here for... About four months, now, I still feel like I'm a newbie, which is a lot of the draw of the game itself. I'm still on my first character; I've somehow managed to avoid the rapid and sudden death that seems to plague new characters, despite ample opportunity for rapid heartbeat deceleration to occur. I honestly couldn't tell you how. Luck? Maybe just luck. Either way, it's been exciting every time.

But, anyway, about my "newbie" time... the simplest way to say it is that it's a hell of a ride. I've had ups, I've had downs, I've been skull-numbingly bored, I've been excited, I've plotted and probably been plotted against. The whole time, I'm constantly being shocked by just what can happen; who I can talk to, what can get done, the vast web of interplayer politics you can watch and study and mess with and get involved with. It's a dirty world full of busy people, and you're not going to get anywhere without a lot of pointed, directed effort and time. All the shit that goes wrong on the way from your point A to the point B you're shooting for has been the fun of it. It took me a while to figure that out, but once I did? Oh, man. Nothing's going to be handed to you, so I've found the enjoyment in the struggle of trying to tear what I need from the grasp of someone else.

These are really excellent posts, thank you for them.

Sometimes it's hard to explain to a newcomer why exactly it is that so much knowledge isn't handed out OOCly but we instead insist that they must learn it through the actions of their character.

Sometimes it's hard to summarize what it is that keeps us playing, when sometimes it's a slow, slow burn.

Sometimes it's hard to promise someone thrills and drama, when it's their own efforts which earn them.

Thanks again for showing how you've come to 'get it' and why you keep coming back.

I started this game 2 weeks ago. I've always been a big fan of RPGs but this game is tough to say the least. I've gone through 2 characters already and still have not managed to get a weapon. Both my characters were thieves and that is a hard life to live. I was caught once and got the snot beaten out of me but due to a few friends I survived. I think its really great how much feeling and emotion can be put in an character you enjoy especially when they die. I think the worst thing was I started to make friends and the last thing that happened was I was going to meet up with a friend for a drink but died on the way. But what stunned me was I felt so bad, so terrible that he would never know what happened to me and kinda like I let him down. That feeling is what makes me love this game, that I regret what I did up to that point.

Anyways I just wanted to share my thoughts!

Not even done with the first week. After help with syntax from the in game help channel, which always had players willing to help online, I started gaining traction. I have found my new RPI and that's something since I've been playing RPI's since 2002.

Friendly players, gritty characters, a very unique feel to everything. Staff cracks down where need be and helps folks along whenever possible. Still learning and the more I discover the realization is that I'm no where near close to the bottom of this rabbit hole.

Welcome, all of you. I hope you stick around and put the time and effort required into seeing just how depthful it really is.

I'm coming up on half a year, myself. I'm finally starting to feel like I have some control over my destiny, and I'm doing the driving more of the time instead of being a passenger in someone else's RP. The bottom of this rabbit hole is something I've punched through a few times, only to find another deeper hole beyond it. I look forward to seeing where you land.

Today is my first official day back in the dome, and it's as nerve-wrecking as it was my first time playing back in 2014. Sometimes generating roleplay can be a bit more tedious than I'm used to from other MUD/MOOs I've been playing in the past, but all the stories I've stumbled across during those first few weeks were amazing and I've got my fingers crossed that I fall right back into the same experience in my 2nd debut.