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The Thank You Thread
Many thanks to Staff.

So I am starting this thread with the start of the New Year approaching. I been addicted to Sindome for a whole year. And I am glad I stuck with it despite the craziness that comes from it. This here is my thank you to the Staff:

For putting up with me considering I have to take anti psychotics to be calm. Which means they probably have had to put up with me when I'm most angry. Thank you.

For putting up with me when I'm high of my medication. Which basically means I generally don't process well whatever I'm saying. Which means a lot of the time I know I've said things I shouldn't and again they put up with me. Thank you.

For giving my an immersive experience even in death to the point that this has become part of my pain management therapy as it distracts me enough to not think on the pain. Thank you.

For making plots whether I like them or not. And I know a lot of times yeah I don't like it when my character is getting screwed but that's part of SD. And tough cookies I have to man up and deal with it. Yet in the face of this they always give you some way out. As small and slim as it looks. Thank you.

For giving me the best experience I have ever had in a Text Based Game during this year far surpassing all other ones I have played and being generally awesome to breathe life into the world and make plots with you and against you. Thank you.

For being approachable unlike other games of this scope where staff are merely unreachable and practically non existent even when they have chewed me out. Thank you.

Thank you Staff: Cerberus, Fengshui/Slither, Kurzen, Johnny, Jinx, Glitch, Linekin and all the ones I don't see but you know who you are. Thanks for bringing SD to us.

I also wanted to add that most often then not the Staff is on the recieving end of negative feedback: bitching, whining, etc. I know I done it too. Having been GM of multiple Tabletop games I know how much this sucks. And usually the GM's go unnapreciated when they put their work on a scene because the 'party' doesn't like it. Yeah I know how -that- feels. All too well. Probably why I always been nicknamed Frost...
Here, here.

Yes, well said and thank you to the gm's for all the ups and downs you all create.

Interesting experiences. :)

And thank you for doing things to help teach how to do things with RP and without being mechanical about it.