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Thou shalt not exterminate humanity
PC plots and the scale of playability VS achieveability

Recently, I inquired during town hall:

"Is there a scale which a player should take into consideration when trying to start a plot? Like. With rising to a CEO being game breaking, what constitutes a 'game breaking' plot arc. In general terms?"

Slither asked if I would start a post to gather some community opinions and get a discourse going on it. So! Lets try that out.

Cuz, while there are lots of things we, as a bunch of self-serving, ravenous psychopaths -could- do.. there must be some reasonable limits and expectations set.

When causing chaos (awwww yus..)

Killing ten people? Twenty?

Blowing up an entire building?

Bankrupting a corporate entity?

Crashing a bus full of orphans into a bus full of nuns because it's a Thursday and a little voice told you?

When 'making' things or making them 'happen'

Starting a mini feed the homeless shelter?

Opening a free coats for immies store?

Creating a black market for selling immies into slavery?

Inventing the long blade equivalent to Nailz(tm)?

How much is too much? What should be allowed and what shouldn't with PC start up plots?

I don't know...I think all of those sound pretty darned good. Aim high or go home? I would imagine if a PC has questions on if it's too harsh, they can always run it by GMs first but, all good (or evil) ideas had to start somewhere, right?
You can RP ALL of those as character goals, sure.

You can take IC steps to work toward those goals.

You won't be able to achieve many of those goals without rallying resources, connections, and supporters, so, dare to go ahead and try. And the better you show GMs what you're aiming for, how you intend to try to achieve it, and how it will create RP for others, the more likely they are to get involved.

Your own RP obviously will influence the success or failure of the goals. So will a lot of other factors outside the control of your character and of you.

As they say at Wikipedia: Be bold.


Leave immies alone, no selling them into slavery, especially not sleepers. Someone tried this and I promptly told them no way.

And buildings don't blow up in Withmore, we don't go around blowing up people's hard work so there's IC precautions/explanations to justify why no one is blowing up any corporations on Gold or elsewhere, but you can of course cause 'damage'.

There are no explosives in game capable of causing massive damage on that scale anyway, we have fire for property damage as a alternative.

As far as bankrupting a corporate entity goes, sure, if it's a player created corporate entity there's plenty of room for success, you can certainly ATTEMPT to bankrupt NLM, however, as a matter of theme, I don't think most players realize how much chyen these people have at their disposal.

You should absolutely assess the risks of a personal plot based on your abilities, contacts, and how much you're willing to give up to accomplish your goal.

That being said, I wouldn't want to discourage you completely from any aspirations, the fun is in the RP not always the result, so try whatever you want, but try not to ruin the game for fresh immigrants or mucking about with sleepers.

I know I shouldn't be writing this, because recent IC events have left me bitter, but it's worth mentioning that some plots can potentially be very lethal to your character, as in permanently. My advice for the future would be to either be extremely careful or make sure you aren't emotionally attached to said character.
Having been on both sides of that dilemma, I can agree - it sucks. You burn bright. You plot big. Either things go your way or they don't...but you can create more RP in both life and death than many accomplish with the entire run of a character by playing for keeps like you did.

It doesn't make it any less devastating but events like this are what makes the game so visceral. If people like you weren't playing the game in this fashion it would squander the high's and low's of Sindome into a meaningless grind rather than the emotional and sometimes nerve-wrecking investment that it is.

Good game, Rev. Good game.

It's probably not much consolation - especially when a character you get attached to dies - but, you played the game exactly as it should be, and for that you deserve to be commended. Risks are scary and it's easy to play the game safe but you took a chance and created some damn good CP drama and that should be applauded. As the other posters said, well played and I tip my hat to you. Really and truly. Well done.
It's pointless if you're killed without getting a chance to RP your way out of it, without actually doing anything.
I guess my other advice is, if you're powerful and you find out you're being plotted against, don't abuse your power and focus on generating RP rather than cutting someone out of it. In my opinion, permanently killing a PC without giving them any kind of out should be reserved as a last resort, not as the first thing you go to. If they fuck themselves over then fine, they deserve it, but ending someone without warning or chance of survival should not be taken lightly.
First of all, I don't think the RP was taken lightly at all. I certainly don't want powerful people NOT using their power and influence to extinguish players for GOOD RP REASONS.

You played the game, gambled, and you lost. I stated above in this thread about weighing the risks.

I don't want player to not perm other players because people don't like it. That's bullshit.

If you don't want to get permed, DONT PISS OFF POWERFUL PEOPLE WITH THE MEANS.

Plain and simple.

The RP was good, you had all the chances in the work to avoid it or not even get the RP to that point yet you didn't go for it.

The RP went through like almost TEN other PCs before the culmination. It generated more RP than your character generated since entering the Dome. How's that for perspective?

CP as fuck.

I guess I'm just in pain, is all. Grieving. It hit me harder than I thought it would, and I'm having a hard time dealing. I don't want to be one of those players who drags everyone down though, because those are annoying as fuck. So yeah. Good game. I'll get over it eventually.
During Rampage, my character was permed. Yes, it was Rampage so I got it back at the end but I still felt kind of a loss for it. Then I realized, as long as I RP well, it's served its purpose. Go take a break if you're hurt. Don't come to the forums or login for a couple days, take time to get over it. Go read Neuromancer or play vidya games. Drink water, do yoga, take a walk.
I get so attached to my little RP universes and their little people running around sometimes.. I would probably break something and then probably cry and then not play for a loooooong time.. it's scary.. That being said, kudos to you for being hardcore about stuff, even if it ended things for the PC. It was played well. The loss will be felt ICly and OOCly too.

...permadeth games.. we might all just be slightly masochistic...

[email protected] if you want to attempt this 'therapy' thing that I'm not at all qualified to provide, but at least, relate to.

I learned that other people fucking up your shit (for whatever reason) is just a big part of the game.

The theme is not about holding hands together and singing Kumbaya. Other players don't need to give you a way out and they probably won't.

That being said, dying on other people's terms sucks, almost always. When it happened to me I got emotional and bleed it a little over OOC, now I know better.

Then when my character was permed and died in their own terms, in a spectacularly cyberpunk fashion I was overjoyed.

To win, others have to lose, it's all part of the game.