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Titans of Text Podcast
Johnny gives a rare interview

The Titans of Text podcast has interviewed me for their 3rd episode. If you don't know our history or want to know what makes us special (like you don't already know), give it a listen.

A cool listening, didn't know about some of those admin-side functionalities.

Thanks a lot for the novel shout out :)

This was great. Interesting to hear about the technical coding stuff. Thanks!
It was a good listen, wouldn't have minded it going on even longer personally.
This is a fantastic look at how the GM's interact with the player base, and how important @notes is. I would highly recommend any serious players to give it a listen.
30 Minutes of my time flew by, Johnny is a fucking great person to have on stuff like this.
That was a fantastic listen! Helped me learn more about what I'm actually doing in the Sindome world. (I don't think you defined RPI but that might just be because my mind zoned out during the technical details.)

Shoutouts to Twentynine Palms!