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To Cerberus

So, I will begin with the end. I was an ass toward you a number of times over, and for that, I am sorry.

You and I never did get along. We didn't verbally spar, we went at each other with verbal hatchets. However, you were a great GM at the end of the day and I was a very passionate player (and fleeting GM). During that time as a GM, even as short as it was, I saw how passionate you were about the game's functions behind the scenes and gained an appreciation for you which I did not always demonstrate.

So, wherever you end up, you did a superb job as a GM and as Head GM. You were volatile by your own admission due to being so passionate about this project, unapologetic about your defense of certain core elements of the game, and occasionally we sparred (but seldom did I not deserve it).

So, I finish with the beginning. Bravo to you for all of the daily hard work, morning til night, as Sindome is better for it.

- Sybele

I came here fairly new to roleplay, and let me tell you, Cerberus you scared the absolute shit out of me. I am very self-conscious about what I do and how I do it when it comes to SD and every time I met your character, or dealt with you as a GM. You were the most intimidating presence I've met. But I became better because of it. I thought about things more and I think you have made this game so much better because of your hard work and dedication. You have been a great help to this project and I love the game more because of your passionate stance on things. Thank you from someone'Sloveable.
Keep usin' them voodoo eyes!
Thank you for your hard work in all of the great scenes and interesting plot you've delivered, Cerberus. You knew that character development wasn't always easy, and that interesting stories weren't always happy. I really enjoyed that.

You'll do SD better just by being any part of the community. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with any character you bring to Withmore, even if we don't get to know it's you.

Thanks, man.

lol. girl bye.
Don't really know a lot about Cerberus. But what little I do know: damn, you scary. Sometimes. Really just kind of intimidating. Which I presume is intentional, with a big, obnoxiously red admin message that includes things such as, but not limited to, "snarling," "the pits of hell," and some lame-ass normal message in the middle of it all that's honestly kind of hard to find surrounded by all the red.
While I appreciate all the love, the hate, and the confused newbies, I am not gone. I am just currently retired from GMing out of choice. There's things I want to do with my PC, that I can't do as a GM alt right now, with the special rules, and the amount of time and focus GMing takes away from my PC.

I also want to see how well the support fairs without me as I've been a constant presence for 13 months. I think it'll be fine, and that'll make me happy.