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Today at work
A true story

A customer came in. Goofy looking, messed up teeth, cross eyed. Pulls out a wad of flash. At least a few grand US. Any guess what he does?

If only I'd remembered, I had my kat in my trunk...

...and then you turned to your co-workers and provided them with an SD-accurate shortdesc of the guy. Right?

Did he buy a car? Cuz at this car lot my dad worked at a guy fitting this description except in over-alls pulled out a wad of cash and bought a car at full price.

Ey! No METAing! Billions of people in the Mi- er, world fit that description!

Yo brah, sometimes you just gotta launder money like dat.

...this is not an endorsement.

No, but there are car dealerships nearby.