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Vehicles offline morning of Nov 15th
Major changes scheduled Nov 15th

Greetings all,

We will be taking the vehicle system offline again at 0845 on Sunday, Nov 15th. This is to facilitate major code changes to vehicles and how they work. Players should expect to not be able to use their vehicles for at least 4 hours, or until around noon DST on Sunday. This time may vary based on how long it actually takes us to get all the code ported over and tested on the live server. Please plan your RP accordingly.

Updates will be posted in the improvements board after the changes are done.

The Sindome Corporation thanks you for your cooperation and patience during this event.

Attention Citizens: Frankie from upstairs accidentally turned off all vehicles for the next four hours. Enjoy your stay.
Please don't make meta IC references to this without an RP hook given by staff.

That's just fucking cheesy.

Thank you for the heads up Kard!