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Verb Lists
Looking for how the emote command processes verbs

Hey, used to be a player, but I've moved on from this MUD for now. I'm currently programming my own MUD system in Lua, and I'm working on the emote command. I remember a neat feature of sindome's emote system, where verbs and pronouns could be translated from first to third person. e.g. ".walk towards Bob" becomes "You walk towards Bob", "Alice walks towards Bob" and "Alice walks towards you".

Would any of the admins/coders be able to tell me where you got a verb list from?

I doubt there is a hard and fast list. And I know of a few places where this doesn't work as expected.

If I were to solve this problem I would not use a list, I'd make it rule based for the outliers, because the list of rules is going to be MUCH smaller than the list of words the rules applies to.

For instance, the plural of "man" is "men". This is true when the word is "man" or "woman". So the rule would look like "(m)an$" and the substitution would be "$1en" and I'd just keep adding to the list of rules to cover places where 'adding s' doesn't work, and let everything else get s tacked onto the end.

You would learn a lot of them by examining objects.

Rooms, characters, items, YOURSELF ("examine me"), vehicles, inside and outside.

There's also "help full-index".

This is a learn-by-doing game so there are always going to be things you don't know how to do until your character is in position to discover it for themselves.

I should have explained why I posted that comment, which is offtopic from the original question.

But, new players are going to find this post while looking for documentation about the game.

Overall, I agree with ShinMojo, you'll want a couple of rules which will work for most verbs which are "regular", and you'll want to maintain a reasonably small list of "irregular" verbs.

To-be and to-have, for example. The only way to create programmed results for irregular verbs is to include the results in the programming, since "irregular" MEANS that they don't follow the pattern of other verbs.

I think the OP is referring to where we got a list of the verbs to translate from first to third person and vice versa when using the pose feature. It's handled by putting a period in front of words that need an s or es added. like I .look around and .smile at Linekin.
Wrong kind of verb, Linekin.

Anyway, DeltaF1; the most egregiously irregular verbs are in a list, but a lot just aren't caught by the system.

Try .watch, for instance, with a mirror at hand.

Sindome's pose system doesn't have a list of irregular verbs.

Pose simply doesn't work with .be, .have, et cetera.

So I emote when I want to use those verbs.

Pose simply doesn't work with .be

What is the plural of 'be' anyway? Isn't it be? And has?

The problem crops up with words like .fly (flies, not flys) and .launch (launches not launchs) which would be covered by ([^aeiouy]

It isn't about plurality, it's about person.

I am.

You are.

They are.

He/she/it is.

And that's why .pose doesn't work with it. The current pose code works with two patterns: Regular verbs which already end in S in the first person, and regular verbs which don't end in S in the first person.

I'm not saying it can't do more, with more exceptions and special cases coded in, I'm just saying this is all it DOES do.

Ahhh! Yes, I see! :)
Thank you everyone for the feedback. It's been a while since I've played Sindome, so I had forgotten that it was necessary to put the "." before the verbs. That's a good system, I was thinking I'd have to recognize every verb in the sentence. I will look into a list of only irregular verbs, things like "watch" that need an "es" added onto them instead of just an "s".
I'm telling ya, the list of rules is still going to be much shorter than the list of verbs. But YMMV.
"Watch" is only a tiny bit irregular, it's actually more of a "form" because nearly all verbs which end in H will behave the same way. The same way as verbs which end in S, incidentally.

If there were ONE enhancement to .pose which I would consider investing time in, it'd be this. It's the only case which is frequent enough and re-useable enough that it's not a VERY special case.

Anything more irregular than this won't get coded into .pose. The workaround is :to emote.

Oh, you mean the substitution/regex rules? I will definitely add that, with all the responses, I forgot about your solution.
Thanks for the help, I have a working pose command on my mud now :) I ended up going with ShinMojo's suggestion and adding a pattern matching those exceptions. It works almost perfectly, now I have to figure out how to get gender-neutral pronouns like "they" and "themself" to work with the system. Thinking of just sticking with male/female...