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This really should be a sticky

The listing needs to be updated. The telnet address is incorrect. Any more to add to the list? Hopefully an admin will set up a nag screen to remind us to vote every time we log in.

Remember to vote daily! ;)

(Edited by Cryer at 1:10 pm on Feb. 2, 2009)

I'm pretty sure the passwords to all these profiles were lost a while ago...

Well that's a shame. Three sites Grim suggested we sign up for:

Any reason not to include this?

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I just wanted to give props to everyone who's voted.  Yesterday when I voted we were in the 300s.  I want to say 375, but I don't know for sure.  Now we're up to 242!
We're going to the moon!
We need to be set up for voting on those mmorpg sites.
The purpose of voting is to get a visible spot on a highly trafficked website that reaches our target audience. An easier way to achieve similar results would be to make forums posts in a cyperpunk or mud forum that allows such a thing. If somebody gets one started post the URL here and I'll bump your post :D
Googling terms our target audience might use is a good way to find places we need to support our presence. For example, I searched 'cyberpunk mud listing' and got our listing at It has our website but our telnet address is wrong! How many potential players do you think tried to connect and just assumed the game was dead?! The search term 'cyberpunk mud' gave me this promising result: It's an index of cyberpunk roleplaying listings we could advertise in, such as the usenet group We could also contact one of these people: and ask them to add us to their website.
We've had a button on our homepage (maybe every page) linking to our vote page on Top Mud Sites for years. :)

I'm working on getting the telnet address corrected.

Correct me if I'm wrong but the number 10 ranked game on only had 17 votes this month. The top two games on that list send over 10,000 visitors monthly. If I'm not mistaken, we could easily make over 17 votes a month and put ourselves in eyesight of a handful of those 10,000 visitors...
Very true. Let's do eet! Somebody set us up for that shit.  Hell, maybe I will.
Okay.  I'm waiting for the admin over at to approve our entry. As soon as I get a response I'll let all of you know!
*Gets his voting finger ready*



To clarify, the reason we have an old telnet listing on topmudsites is because someone else made the posting there and I can't change it.

Only the administrator should be listing the game, NOT YOU. I appreciate the desire to promote, but give me the site or at least give me a bit of time to see the thread and add our listing to it. This is how information gets stale people.

Oh, snap!  You just got yelled at.

I'm pretty psyched to see how many new players this brings in.  Just imagine the streets filled with chummers ready to rob you, sell you drugs, grab a drink with you, suck your....well, I think you get the idea.

Long live Sindome!  Or at least hope it has a clone so it don't get permed.

Oh my! Yelled at for being overly ambitious! I think it's time we channel some of that ambition into contacting the web listings and handing over power to its rightful owners. Johnny makes a good point. Player submitted listings might be good in the short run, but after a while it becomes imperative that the credentials lie with an authority that has the responsibility to pass on power once he or she leaves. :D
We're now listed on mmorpg100! Vote early, vote often ;)

Again, I'd like to stress the fact that this activity is NOT acceptable. We do not have control over the listing, the description is half assed and the name is not the full, proper name of the game. This is a prime example of what NOT to do.

If you want us listed somewhere, TELL US, so we can list it and manage it properly.

If you were the individual who created this account, please email me the login details so we can properly maintain this.

Thank you.

I blame Saedan. Its in his @wow me is "..."
Johnny, just to clarify.
(1) Voting on all current listings is encouraged.
(2) Creating new listings is NOT ALLOWED.
(3) The topmudsites and mmorpg100 listings are out of admin control and the owners of the listings should hand over account details ASAP.
Perhaps I should start a topic in the idea forum for this, but I'm interested if anybody has any thoughts on ways we could encourage people to vote on official listings everyday. I for one would LOVE to see a list every time I log on. Some people may prefer to only see it once every 24hrs and others may prefer to opt out completely so add a feature that lets you disable notifications and we're set.
Now that I have control over our mudconnector listing once more, it's gotten some needed updates and you've probably already noticed the button under the login box on the homepage. Go vote! ONCE PER DAY ONLY.

If you vote too often, you will cause our listing to be unranked, and you won't get any more newbies.

Vote Now, Vote Tomorrow!

Anyone else down to throw in $25 for some advertising? We'll go viral on those bastards and ram banners so far down people's throats they'll have no choice but to join us!
I'd be willing to chip in $25 bucks to get some extra advertising going.  Lemme know
I'd be willing to send some cash in the mail... I know you aren't supposed to do it but I figure I'm giving it away anyways so it's not a big deal if it gets stolen.
Ya, I might be able to find some bucks, where you talkin about advertising, and what's it run?


We actually already have several banners to use from last year when I got us a months advertising on MudConnector ($25).

So.. I have those sitting on my comp if we want to use them.

Our listing on the MMO RPG 100 list is now all squared away and we've got the vote button at the bottom of all website pages.

Every day you play, take a few seconds to click the mud connector button and the mmo rpg 100 and we'll be swimming in newbies in no time. :)

Those of you looking to spend some advertising dollars, if you've got a paypal account (or a credit card I believe), you could use the 'Make a Donation' button on the homepage.

If you specify you want your donation used for advertising on TMC, I'll gladly put it towards that. Your contribution can be kept private or I could share the fact that you helped. Up to you. :)