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Voting and You

Voting is important.

Voting gets more players into the game.

More players for YOU to interact with, gang up with, rob, murder, hire and so on.

This gives you more chances to RP and more people to buy your warez, your wares, and your whores.

So vote, it'll take you like ten seconds:

So remember, if you RP without voting..'re RPing with MechaHitler.

I for one welcome our new Mecha Hitler overlord.

I just wanted to let everyone know that you are doing great in terms of marketing the game.  Keep it up!  Our hits up, voting is REALLY making a difference.  And so is the hype on Reddit.  Everyone contributing is really helping the game -- keep it up and THANK YOU.

I ride their ass every day boss to get them to vote. But I have to say this. It's people like Griz (recently) and Guardian who get them to stay and excited enough to take on projects like Reddit and word of mouth that has really helped us take of IMHO.

The last time I pushed a vote drive we got a decent rank and ended up with only immies sleeping everywhere in the streets. This time around we are getting donations and repeat players. Guardian deserves a gold medal imho.