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Voting/Resource page.
Need a little help.

I am putting together a page that will be linked in my @wow, and broadcast over the ooc chat every once in a while. It will contain links to the voting sites that we could really use people participating and giving daily votes on so that we can increase our pbase for the benefit of us all.

The resources that will be listed will list various clients that players can use to connect to the game to allow people to test what suits them the best. Unfortunately I do not have access to a smartphone due to my lack of funds. In any even I would like people to post reviews for both Iphone and Android apps that they use. PLEASE make sure to tell me what platform the client is on when you review/mention it so that my information can be as in depth and accurate as possible since I have no means of testing myself.

For linux, I usually use Mudlet or TinTin. Mudlet is feature rich and easy to pick up, while TinTin is great for playing over a remote shell. As for android phones, I'm really fond of Blowtorch. Blowtorch is simple, but still provides all the features that one would use while playing Sindome.

Not sure what information is needed about gaming clients in relation to links to voting sites. Can you help me understand?

Most of the clients available for iPhone are pretty terrible, but I downloaded one called Pocket MUD last night and I've been pretty impressed with it so far. Much more responsive, faster loads, little to no lag over a decent 3G connection, and it'll idle for 10 minutes before disconnecting when your screen goes dark (potentially lifesaving depending on your settings).

Unfortunately, it comes with a $3 price tag, but I'm willing to say it's worth it if playing from your phone is something you plan to do.

Also, first post. What up Sindome?

Atlantis for OS X is pretty ballin'.

Also using tintint++ for my Lunix.

On my Android I'm using BlowTorch. It comes with a lot of useful features like placing custom buttons on the screen (useful for walking), looks nice and I haven't discovered a bug so far. If you want it to log you in automatically you have to set a trigger to some of the ASCII art or text appearing after you connect to the moo.