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Walk Safe My Friend
Open letter from me to one of my best friends.


I wanted to take a moment on behalf of the staff and tell you thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the near eleven years your blood, sweat and tears that you have given us here in Withmore. Honestly trying to write this is making me tear up again for prolly the hundredth time since you retired as Head GM and staff here in Sindome. Your contributions, care and love are the reason Sindome exists to this day, and every single moment that our players are causing mayhem, plotting the overthrow of the council, and just kicking ass like Seven, that you are touching them in every part of their experience. I have worked with you off and on for your whole Sindome life, from your days as a player when I would be @puppeting hookie for you, to interviewing you for staff, to serving under you while you were head GM. And I wouldn't take a single moment of it back, even when we butted heads. There is not a single staff member around who has done more for our world, and you will truly be missed. The door is always open for you my friend to return, for in my eyes, you aren't really retired, but just taking a break to finally get to experience what you worked so hard to create.


Acting Head GM of the Sindome Group

P.S. I almost posted this with out spell check just to prove to you that I am the worst speller of the two of us. ;p

Damnit, now I'm crying.

I love you man, you know that. That's why I always give you the player treatment even if I know it is you. You deserve to enjoy the game.