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Website Feedback
Please let us know what you think.

I'm making this post so there's an official place for comments, questions, perhaps ugly screenshots, of our new website.

(I'm also posting this so I can confirm posting works!)

Only thing I see wrong is when you log in and get a message informing you there is an updated board post, it 404's on the new site.
Should be better now.
Long overdue but looking good.

I'd say lock the forums down to keep as an archive and roll out a new one rather than worrying about porting content across. Or just let it go completely and start fresh. Since some dumb twat decided to arbitrarily delete 3/4 of the forum content most of the historical content worth keeping isn't here anymore anyway.

Minor issue to fix:

2012.9 entry has the text '<p>this is a test</p>' in it.

Ha, Slithers timeline management verbs should handle that from within the moo. i.e. - its a content issue. And yes, I love being able to say that about our site now.

forum content: long tail search traffic has value. I have mixed feelings because of this.Johnny