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What next?
Help me with archetype selection

OK my first character ever (and that's not only for SD but for the rpg genre in general) died.It does feel weird so along with a little time out I want some time to think what my character will be next.

Even before my character got killed I was planning to have a hacker (or a thief) next time around.

The thing is, after spending some time in the game I noticed that there are some jobs that don't seem able to make good money.Perhaps it is my idea but for example how is a thief supposed to make money as good as a courier does?I mean a courier at worst can always go an pick up jobs from ACS and WW.But a thief?Either he can be lucky enough and find someone sleeping outside (but usually those are newbies) or then what? Do you have to find someone willing to RP his character getting ripped off or simply risk getting killed?

Or How can a hacker make money in the game? I don't think I saw either someone looking to hire a hacker or a hacker somehow making money for himself.

I don't know perhaps I ran out of ideas but the only thing stopping me from returning right back to the game with a new character is the thought of not being able to make money with the job i decide to have.

Well without going into IC details, I can tell you that I've made more as a thief than I have at any other profession. If you're looking for regular coded opportunities, you're missing the entire point of the game. It's not about thieving from the NPC's, it's about thieving from the players!

And don't just walk around pick-pocketing everyone you run into, RP it. Make an excuse to get near them. Spill a drink on them and then wipe it down. Use your imagination, because the possibilities are limitless.

First of all, I encourage you to come back. Play. Explore. Try stuff out.

The game is about RP. If you are playing solely to make money and get "things" you are missing the point and will have a bad time.

Play the character you want because the experience will be what you want. If it is a thief then expect that thief to have some good times and some very rough times.

As to hackers, just because you did not see it do not assume it does not exist. :)

That's exactly what I can't figure out ShinMojo.

It's not just about stealing from NPCs.

A courier can make money from PCs simply by making deliveries for them in exchange for their chyen.

But a thief ? If a thief tries to make money the way you describe, don't you then have to rely on the other player and their willingness to loose chy for the sake of RP ?

Willingness to lose?

No victim is a willing one in the mix. You have to rely on their trust in you, in the fact that they have to pay their rent, in the fact that they have to carry chyen for the lev to get back home after running crates, in the fact that they too just got finished running crates and they're carrying a nice stack, and have their guard down because they're now relaxing in the bar and drinking. You have to rely on your ability to RP your way into their pockets at a time when they have money, and on the fact that they can't afford to make another enemy today, because they're already in a lurch. You have to, in short, get in character, and figure it out.

The archetype or role which provides the RP you want to play is the one you should pick. Gameplay can be less about counting beans and more about interacting with other characters, for better or for worse.

If making money were the only goal to the game, for its own sake, it wouldn't need to be a RP game at all, it could be a single-player game or a non-RP dungeon. There aren't scores or leaderboards in Sindome. Making money is a means to RP ends (goals), but, not-having money is also an RP driver. It's a situation you can RP. It's a motivation for RP. It's playing a character who might do something for money which you might not do in real life. Take risks you might not take in real life. Players who are really engaged can see their characters making and losing lots of money, over and over, and the losing is as fun as the earning, when we treat it like a story and not like collecting trophies. All-happy-all-the-time is boring.

So, what looks like the kind of character you want? Cop? Hacker? Vigilante? Spy? Casanova? Ganger? Mechanic? Surgeon? Cabbie?

Consider, come up with some goals, pursue them, and have fun on your capers!

Last comment: Many characters wind up doing a few different jobs over a period of months. Some characters might do three or more different kinds of work at the same time. Nothing you decide today, or this week, has to lock your character in to any IC job. Characters grow and evolve, usually in directions we didn't even anticipate when we created them. RP happens.

I appreciate your responses. I'll be returning with a new character. Let's see what happens :)
I'd like to add something to my previous response.

Remember that these people that your stealing from? They RP hard for their cash.

So should you.

Want to RP being a pick pocket? RP your lift. See a mark? Go chat him up. Shake his hand and pat his shoulder. Bump into him accidentally. Spill a drink on him and help him clean it off. Do SOMETHING to RP your lift. Don't just hide in the shadows and pick people as they walk through the room. Make it work IC. Turn his loss into a RP opportunity.

Also, be aware of where people are in the room. If your on one side of the bar, think real hard about how you're going to pick pocket him. Get him to emote leaning over the bar and whisper something to him, then pick his pocket.

If you're just waiting people to enter the room, picking their pocket, and leaving before any RP can happen, you're not just robbing them of their money, you're robbing them of the joy of playing the game, which comes from RP.

tl;dr: Get IC and RP your thief.

Role-playing a Thief is about so much more than just embellishing your lift and giving your mark some RP (although this is absolutely important, and if you're looking to codedly use thievery than this is the best way to go about it I believe).

It's also about scam artistry and talking people into parting with what they really shouldn't. It's about conducting schemes to get your hands on people's money before you've really done anything to earn it. It's about weaseling your way into responsibilities, privileges and accesses that you perhaps best shouldn't be trusted with; because you intend to abuse them at the first opportunity you get.

Being a Thief in Sindome is absolutely lucrative. The rewards scale with your imagination, and how far your character is willing to go.