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Wiki update suggestions
The Mind- refined!

Slither mentioned that the wiki will be/is undergoing an update and revamp at the time and near future, so I'm opening this board for us to post what suggestions we would like to see implemented/removed/edited on the wiki!

My idea is the removal of METAable information like armor, the various weapons and the skill associated with them- perhaps even cyberware. I think it would help with conversations IC and providing some roleplay, and make things like cyberware consolations more relevant than they currently are. And if the removal of it is too much, perhaps a more vague description of their armor's protections, the weapons, and cyber?

Please post any and all suggestions you have for the wiki update, but remember this isn't supposed to be an argument thread!

I think the stuff you mention isn't necessarily Meta, as this is supposed to be treated as easily obtainable information (the names of things, vague use) that would be accessible through holograms. Now, I think some of the profiles on various characters who are still around is vaguely meta, and some of that information should have to be found IC. (The Seven Ecks page for example, has aliases, a detailed history, etc.).
There's a strong backbone of information that is fairly commonplace and the wiki does a good job of providing that. Perhaps, if there wasn't a fairly finite amount of weapon and armor types I would agree they should go but instead the wiki provides a platform for IC inquiries to be mind with at least some barebones knowledge.

As for records of of PC's, some of them have no place on the board...other do. There are events in Sindome's history which are very significant and have changed the game but they are largely unrecorded with exception to brief if elusive news brief. Finding ways to shed light on these events using the wiki is important.

In my opinion:

The common knowledge articles such as information about cybernetics and weapons shouldn't be removed. They're widely known information and they are helpful for potential new players to get, at a first glance, all that Sindome can offer.

The personalities category is outdated. I like it because it's true that Withmore has legends that shaped its history and left their mark and the idea of having significant people really shapes the lore of any universe. But on the other hand all the characters there are probably from the 2080's and their effect is no longer tangible in 2102. Update it with more recent characters picked by the editors or the staff, trying to portray the changes in the game world they've made. A staff sometime mentioned the category altogether is biased because it stars characters who were 'favorites' back in the day. In my opinion it shouldn't be removed.

The landing page (Withmore City) has information that is dated only to 2093. Despite the changes in the timeline, they're not visible at first glance in the Wiki. What happened since then? What have been the political, economic, and social changes in those 9 years?

Ditto Diego in everything.

There's stuff that people need to know and background ambiance chums would speak about. The wiki in general is very good and I'd trim now-irrelevant characters. Add a few pages for places like the Eternalist chapel, Forever Afterthoughts, SHFL, Uphoria Spa, Freesky, Kashflo, update the Badlands. Update cyberware. Remove stuff that shouldn't really be common knowledge (EMP grenades and Needle Gun pages). Add a @slang page maybe, and stuff about TV channels and shows.

Pages explaining equipment that should be common knowledge to tradesmen would be sooooo useful. It's a ballache trying to play a medic for example without knowing what tools do what or starting up as a decker without realising you are going to need access to x tools for x job.
Withmore is a special place where some technology is years ahead and other stuff is decades behind what you'd find anywhere else. It is expected for new characters breaking into their chosen field to come in with zero knowledge of how to actually do any of it or what equipment is needed. You can learn those things IC by talking to other players or, in their absence, relevant NPCs. This is a part of the game design--instead of reading a wiki page, you get to RP the learning process.

If you were a surgeon in Neo York, you used different tools. If you were a CorpSec agent in Miami, you used different brands of armor. Most deckers coming in don't have experience with the Grid because elsewhere, it's an archaic backend thing, not something you'd ever bother with, and so on.

From other threads, information about the regions and cities currently in the world would be helpful IC to new players.

Perhaps a good way of doing this would be that if someone queries the wiki about a country that exists in 2017 but not in 21-- then the wiki should cover a history-in-a-nutshell of how we got from point A to point B.

Contrary to Kuzco's point, I think removing data of 'irrelevance' is very subjective. It also risks loss of a lot of the cool history that the city has. Throw-back references have a place in character. Counter-point though, is that some plots may be harder to run if they are covered ICly in a tell-all wiki or Globe entry.

I'd recommend that if historical data is removed from the wiki, it needs to be made available on the Grid. This makes historical records into paydata and beefs up the appeal of the decker profession.

Got on this topic because of the comments about Personality pages on the wiki. Also because I can't figure out how to log in to edit the wiki. Is it closed for non-admin editing?

I've never wanted to make an entry for my character on the wiki, but it has become apparent IC that it's time for that to happen.

I need to discuss what needs to happen with the wiki with Slither, but no. I don't want to see people's characters on the Wiki without a senior staffer vetting that content first and determining if you're general knowledge worthy.