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Win Johnny's iPhone
Get out and RP daily to win!

I don't like to hold on to everything. I like to find good homes for my electronics, but I've been reluctant to get rid of my iPhone 4S because it has a very special phone case on it. But it occurred to me, that you would appreciate it and I could let one of you have it.

This was something Amika Sterling (@glittervolt) drew and made available online a few years ago. It's a beautiful view of the mix and quite artist. The case was well used and the corners show a tiny bit of noticeable wear, but the art stays on these cases extremely well. I'm not saying you can't scratch it off, but this was my daily use phone for two years in this case.

The phone itself is in great shape, no scratches, cracks or anything that doesn't work. It's loaded with iOS 7.1.x but I'm sure I'll be able to upgrade it to iOS 8 before we conclude the contest. It will not come with my songs and apps, but I can share the wallpaper if you want it.

So, now how do you win it? Play the game, get out and RP. The more you RP with each other, the more entries you'll have. When the contest is over, we'll pick a winner out of the pool of all entries. A lot of the things you do every day in the game will give you entries, so I expect the total number of entries to be quite high. In fact, you've already been accumulating tonight since you connected!

I can you that the more people involved, the better it is for everyone -- so you're really encouraged to tell those friends who haven't been on in a while to come back and RP with everyone. In our classic fashion, we won't elaborate any further on what those things are.

We'll run this contest for the next month, concluding on October 12, 9pm PST!

Shipping - free shipping, why hassle for prize?!

Included - charging cable and 2 prong adapter, box (if I still have it, usually)

You must connect and play the game to collect entries. Your entries are secret, unknown to GMs and you.

Spoiler alert: it turns out the new 'laid' command is the only thing that enters you into the giveaway
I don't suppose you ship overseas huh? Great contest though, and thanks for the giveaway.
I can confirm that we will indeed cover the cost of shipping overseas!
Awesome idea Johnny! I love Amika's artwork and could use a new phone(considering I'm still using a Droid Incredible 2). You can count me in on being around as much as possible.

So far the response to our contest has been great! We love seeing you guys out there RPing your butts off. As such, we are now proudly offering runner up prizes to spark even more RP.

Let your friends know! Let's capitalize on all our recent growth and make this the best month of RP the game has ever seen!

1st Runner Up

12 month IC rent at appropriate complex*

2nd Runner Up

6 month paid rent at appropriate complex*

* Appropriate Complex is defined in the same manner as donation pads. It will be what is appropriate for your character. Donation rules apply.

Sweet, there's runner up house prizes! Imma lose my fuckin' mind up in here, up in here!

Ps: I'm stoned

I am getting a strong sense of deja vu looking at that phone case.
Sounds exciting and this is one lovely phone case. Good luck everyone!
Oh god, its almost over!!!! Whose going to win?! You've got until 9pm to earn those last minute entries, so get out there and RP!
Not gonna lie: I really want this iPhone
Me too! It'd be my first smart phone haha.

SECRET PRIZE! There's another iPhone! A secret 5S white+gold 64GB model! Our grand prize winner gets to pick and the runner up gets the other phone!

Thanks to everyone for playing, you generated a massive amount of RP!

Congratulate them OOCly when you see them.

Proxy - 6mo paid rent (donation pad equiv)

Hermes - 12mo paid rent (donation pad equiv)

Hiroko - iPhone 5S

Gunnar - iPhone 4S w/ sweet Amika designed case

Both phones will come with chargers, cables and earbuds (I think I have the original boxes too).

Thanks again to everyone for playing!