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Yell at Cel: Celestial's Office Hours
First one will be on 08/08 at 3 pm Dome Time

Okay, folx. I'll be doing my office hours periodically - But with a little spin. I'll still take people in for questions on how to approach the game, OOC problems, all that good stuff. But instead, my main focus will be on specific topics each time I run these office hours.

This time, it will be the game's Engineering skills: Aero, Auto, Electro, Munitions, and Secure. Feedback, concerns, anything related to those will be the main goal for these office hours.

Basic Office Hour Policy

1. Have some idea of what you want to talk about when you come in.

2. There will be a queue.

3. There won't be a time limit per se, but depending on how many people are waiting, and my own time constraints, I may enforce a limit.

4. Unless you specifically ask for the discussion to be private, it will be logged and shared with the rest of the staff.

5. Anyone can come talk, even if it's not related to the main topic of the office hours.

6. You can talk to me about anything about Sindome IC or OOC, but our normal rules apply. No IC info is given out.

7. There is no guarantee that issues you bring up will be seen as issues by me or the rest of the staff and thus, no guarantee anything will change. However, I will happily listen and make sure you feel heard. That's important and everyone deserves it.

During the time I'll do shouts about office hours being open and you can xhelp to join the queue in a first come first serve manner, and I will also shout how many people are in the queue and such to keep everyone informed.

I'll be posting on this thread periodically when I run them again with a date and time. Any questions can also be posted below.

Lastly, Ramrod suggested the name and I just rolled with it.

Also meant to put 08/09 on the sub-title.


I am doing these again.

But instead of having a fixed time, I am gonna ask all of you to open a service request with the title 'Office Hours with Celestial'.

I will get to them as schedule allows. The same rules above apply, but there is no specific topic I am wanting to address this time around.