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Alien Retro-Futurism
VHS Aesthetic

Lately I am obsessed with cassette futurism and Alien: Isolation has some really ace retro-future tech design inspiration.

Pair with gruvbox terminal colors for best retro vibes.

Add approproate typeface to taste.

This is what some game locations look like to me even if they shouldn't. I can't get this game out of my head :P

Love love this style. Sleek but a little clunky, smack it and it'll probably work better. The world always needs more working Joes. And aliens. Definitely aliens.

One of the designers who worked on some of the retro-futurist UI interface elements of Alien: Isolation went on to open the developer [url=]No Code[/url]. I'm playing their most recent game Observation (which is on sale right now), and there is a lot of common DNA visible for people who like similar aesthetics.

It's not as directly relevant to the original topic, but No Code's previous story game Stories Untold also has a great retro-computing aesthetic (and text gaming episode complete with clacky mechanical keyboard).

They're spooky point-and-click type games but both can be picked up for under 10 dollars together, for anyone into that sort of thing." />" />

Picked up SIGNALIS which is a sci-fi horror game with another retro future aesthetic. I'm playing with the CRT-Royale shader applied with ReShade in these screen shots for extra retro, but it looks cool on its own.

Wow. Signalis immediately reminded me a game from yesteryear, I think it had to have been an inspiration to some degree. I might be dating myself here but Another World was a really ground breaking game for it's time. Along with the original Price of Persia, they were both games that used motion capture for the very first times in video games.

Mind you, much like Mortal Kombat, not 'true' motion capture as we know it today with tracking software, but frame-by-frame animating actions performed by an actor doing the same actions.

Think I'm going to have to pick this one up!

I probably should have just titled this thread more generically. I guess I'm on a lo-fi space horror kick, playing Duskers now which is making me wish SD's robotics could follow programming scripts.

It's neat so far, though it probably doesn't go far enough towards issuing commands to do things, there's a bit too much manual controlling since not everything can be done through commands (especially annoying with a keyboard that doesn't have arrow keys). The aesthetic is pretty okay, bit of retro and bit of Web 2.0.