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Altered Carbon
by Richard K. Morgan

I've mentioned this book before, but if any of you have not read it, and enjoy cyberpunk (which I assume you do since you are playing Sindome) then you should read this book.

It's part of a trilogy and it's amazing.

Nice recommendation.  Picked it up and now I'm starting on Broken Angels.  I appreciate it.  

If you read anything else that's interesting I'm always looking for new books.

Flashpoint by Frank Creed.  Hard to find in stores.  I stumbled upon it at a local bookstore and loved it.  You can find it on amazon.  Cyberpunk to the core.  The first in a series.

Also, the author is a really cool guy.  I friend requested him on Facebook and we have talked... he even wishes me a happy birthday and comments on my wall from time to time.  Keep meaning to bring up sin dome with him because I think he would fit right in.

If you are reading this and you have not read Altered Carbon and the other two books in the series, please go on Amazon and purchase them.  They are incredible.

Just picked up Altered Carbon online. It's being delivered in the next few days.
Any other suggestions?
I read quite a lot when I travel for work and usually chew through a book a week. It's hard to find good books

Jon Courtenay Grimwood.

Read his early books back when I was first GMing on SD on Johnny's recommendation, good solid cyberpunk stuff (neoAddix, Lucifer's Dragon, reMix and redRobe) .

The Arabesk trilogy isn't really cyberpunk, but still a good read. A lot of his work is 'alternate history', near-future/sci-fi/cyberpunk stuff but in a world where various major historic events diverged from our history.


Yeah, I read and give a hard thumbsup to Altered Carbon. I called my recent clone a "sleeve" once, to lots of . o O ( huh? )

Exceptionally worthwhile.