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Altered Carbon Season 2 Coming Soon!
Go back to Harlen's World on Feb 27th.

If you've forgotten what happened in Season 1, you could go binge it again, but in case you just want a 3 minute recap, Netflix put one together for you too.

And then after you watch that, here's the Season 2 trailer to drool over.

Comes back Feb 27th!

(Edited by Johnny at 10:51 am on 2/12/2020)

Much hype, such excitement. Hoping to see more of the Praetorians
Much hype, such excitement. Hoping to see more of the Praetorians
Much hype, such excitement. Hoping to see more of the Praetorians
Oh dear lord I can only apologise. That is the last time I post from internet this slow.
How do you guys feel about what the did with plot in the first season?

I've seen Altered Carbon on Netflix and read book after that.. it's quite different. Most of characters are there (most of them) but whole story is like a new thing. Not an adaptation for sure.

I actually didn't know about this show, watched the pilot last night and was very pleasantly surprised. Made me feel a little bad for not roleplaying cloning out as a more damaging experience (then again, it is a game, and given the frequency of deaths for some people... A little compromise seems okay).

Definitely keen to watch more.