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Blade Runner 2049
the sequel

Loved the teaser even though my first viewing of the first film didn't make me a fan. It was up to 1995's Ghost in the Shell to make me a certified fan of Cyberpunk.

Rewatching the original. It's such a strange movie. You have this huge action set piece future city and yet most of the film is very, very slow and cerebral. It's great.

Watching the original movie V. the directors cut V. the final cut is an interesting experience. they are completely different movies.

Personally I think it was one of the best cyberpunk movies of all time and my favorite.

Ultimately the original Blade Runner is my favourite, anxiously awaiting the new.. But my first time seeing it did not inspire my love for dystopia.. That came from Judge Dredd and Demolition man.. It was only coming back to watch it afterwards a second time; that it emblazoned a spot in my heart and fueled the ongoing fire to an inferno.