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Cities Without Borders
digital culture and decentralization

November 05 , 2004 | Digital Culture: What Matters?

Place matters.

Sounds simple doesn�t it? A no-brainer. And yet, sociologist Saskia Sassen at the University of Chicago has spent over a decade articulating precisely that point. In an era of increasing globalization and telecommunications, while most pundits laud the opportunities for decentralization, Sassen�s observations suggest that economic production is centralizing away from national economies to an emerging network of "global cities." Because these global cities have closer ties to each other than to their surrounding regions or national economies, they mark a fundamental change in the nature of production. Or so the theory goes. ....

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There are many interesting links from this article.  The article itself was pretty interesting, but the author's Panarchy site is very interesting and much more in-depth.

He seems to be a cyber-optimist, as opposed to the CP/Sindome style of cyber-pessimism.  But the speculation of where this "power concentration" that is happening today will lead us one of the central themes of CP.

Reminds me of another real-world CP-ish site, Transhumanism.

Very cool link, thanks Grim.