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Cloud Atlas
The Wachowski's + other dude direct 6 stories in one.

Pretty cool movie all the way around, and definitely had some sweet cyberpunk stuff in two of the stories. Underlining plots and schemes in the other stories make them totally applicable to our Sindome environment as well, even without the high-technology.

Tom Hanks and Halle Berry are the obvious big-names, but Hugo Weaving, Hugh Grant and Susan Sarandon make more than a few cameos. Each actor in the cast plays upwards of three roles a piece. Pretty cool trying to pick them out in the different costumes and make-up.

As for the CP stuff, they had some pretty cool touches as well as the usual fare. They had laser pistols and personal flying vehicles. They had wall screens and digital decor in apartments controlled by a neat little remote, just point and change the wallpaper. The had a vat-grown labor force of 'Fabricants', who staffed the businesses of Neo Seoul. Old Seoul having been flooded by rising tides.

Anyways, if ya get a chance check it out. At 8 mins shy of 3 hours, I found it totally worth it. Oh, and by the way. Note that I believe it was Larry? Wachowski, is now -Lana- Wachowski, having had a sex change. Perhaps all the leather and latex and the lovably androgenous Trinity, should have given us a hint in the Matrix trilogy?

The book is really good, too. You get more info about the cyberpunk world and how the Corpocracy works. Both definitely worth checking out.

I found the book to be a lot better and quite different from the film. Much more cyberpunk as well, like Geks said.