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Cyberpunk 7 Podcast #5: Cyberpunk Slang
Short and sweet

Hey everyone!

It's been awhile since I've had time to record a CP7 podcast. Instead of doing a full episode, which I do have planned out and ready to record, I've done a short one focused entirely on slang, from the perspective and voice of a ganger named CK.

Full CP7 post page (with streaming)

Direct Link

Hope y'all enjoy :)


Suggestions for more slang to be covered?

Doctors as blades.

Mr. Johnson & Buttonman



Dips / Dipping

Cold Tea


Dirty - To possess drugs or be under the influence





Ronin / Bopper / Bullet Stopper



Fixer / Gato / Thirdman



Rainbow File


Black Ice

Cowboy / Cowgirl

Doughboy / Doughgirl


These all stand for sex:

Jam / Jamming

Slot / Slotting

Dock / Docking


Tight Interfacing

Could also do outputting / inputting.


2020 hindsight?

Joyboys & Joygirls.

How could I've left out Joyboys and joygirls? ;)

Good stuff. Keep em' coming!