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Cyberpunk Podcast #4
Sultry Cyberpunk Sound

Hey Everyone! The newest podcast is live! This episode focuses around various Cyberpunk Music. I have been getting a decent amount of listener feedback via e-mail and a lot of them brought up the fact that I had not really discussed music.

As usual, your feedback is greatly appreciated as are suggestions for future episodes!



All very interesting. I would love to see, though, more music in SD. More bands and music based PC's playing and singing in SD. I think its a part of SD that could do with more content as I find it lacking.

Out of all the Artistry, Music is the one most missing in SD. There are designers and painters but barely any musicians.

Hire some.
Loved the podcast, loved the Red's Sector Blues too.

Would like more podcasts about CP books, movies, series, animes and other stuff.

Keep it up chum!