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Cyberpunk Podcast #6: Cyberpunk Ketchup
Touching on books, movies, games, music and more!

Sup bakalakas? The newest episode of the Cyberpunk 7 Podcast is now live! This episode covers a variety of topics and touches on a lot of different works. It of course, shills for Sindome in the process (as well as my book, I'm an author, maybe you had heard that in passing as I almost never mention it... right?).

Check out the episode, and all the past episodes here:

If you have ideas, thoughts, projects, short stories, anything really-- that you want me to mention in the podcast and you can justify it as being somewhat marginally cyberpunk-- let me know!

If you have ideas for future podcasts please reach out to me!

Feedback is encouraged and appreciated!

P.S. You can like CP7 on Facebook: