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Cyberpunk Soundtracks

Cyberpunk Soundtracks for tabletop gaming on Kickstarter:

Did you join just to promote that.. or are you actually here to play?

Just sharing.

This is my playlist for life, which includes programming and Sindome. There are some weird songs on here so don't judge.

Boombox Saints FTW.

I've found that cyberpunk and film noir often have a lot of themes that cross over, so with that in mind I've always found the soundtrack from The Wolf Among Us by Telltale to be appropriate, especially down in the Mix. It combines a very noir feel with synthetic instrumentation with a single exception, and I think combining noir and synthetic is a lot of what cyberpunk is about between the action bits. (very minor spoilers in one of the titles)

Of course for gold I prefer something with more of a future-capitalist theme, so of course I listen to the startopia soundtrack!

Thanks for sharing that Wolf Among Us soundtrack! I haven't played that particular game, but Telltale make's great stuff and you're right that the sound track is perfect for life in the Mix.

Part 1 of 4 parts: each around 2 hours long.

Cyberpunk ambient gloriousness!

Just wanted to share the link to my fifth Kickstarter tabletop gaming project! Cyberpunk Soundtracks 2.0 is a retrofuturistic inspired collection of soundscapes, music and sound effects for tabletop gaming. You can also get my previous collections Epic Soundtracks, Steampunk & Cthulhu Soundtracks, and Cyberpunk Soundtracks 1.0 bundled!

Thanks for listening!


Guess I'll share. This is a playlist I've created of just pure ambient cyberpunk music, 50+ tracks. Pretty much no vocals, just music to walk down Fuller with. Some game music, some movie, some other. Just whatever fit the vibe.

building a playlist for a certain club, but this one's already on heavy rotation there: