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Kung Fury
wtf just happened to me!

If you have Netflix. Spend the half an hour and watch this short movie or whatever it is. I don't even know how to describe it but my sides hurt from laughing so hard. It's a kind-of cyberpunk take on 80's cop movies. With a laser shooting dinosaur and gatlin gun wielding vikings and some dude called hackerman who's skills are so BA he can hack time. I don't know how else to sell it.

I think i really just want someone else to watch it so i know im not going crazy and this really did happen to me. Im not making it all up right?

Netflix not required, but who knows what global regions Youtube will serve this to.

I can watch it from here. Hence, the whole of humanity can.

"Knock knock."

"Who's there?"


*Punches badguy.*

"What are you going to do?!?"

"... My job!"

"Your pecs are epic."


And that mustache argument scene...i almost peed i laughed so hard.

Good to know i didn't slip into some weird alternate dimension and really did see that movie. So weird!

I remember when we shared the music video over ooc. It was that good (in a funny way).