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Machine trained to "watch" Blade Runner
Advancement in A.I. and automation?

Fascinated article I stumbled upon when I looked up information about the ROY android from Androids Dream/Blade Runner.

My attention span is crap so I won't try to embarrass myself by trying to TL;DR this. I'm not sure if I even got what the article is saying. But I'm gonna give it a shot.

Basically, a man, Terence Broad, a researcher uses an artificial neural network (basically artificial brain/nervous system) to teach a machine to read the data for BR, as well as footage not from Blade Runner.

The machine was eventually able to pick up the differences, and knew which part was Blade Runner and which was not (It "knew what it looked" like). And then, asked the machine to recall the movies using their "memory" and remake the movie.

He also did this with another great work (my favorite one) by Philip K. Dick (love that guy so much) A Scanner Darkly.

The page has the complete movie of Blade Runner as remembered by this A.I. guided computed, and a 2 minute clip of A Scanner Darkly's version.