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Our Picks For Bad CP/Post-Apocalyptic Movies
It had to come someday....

Well, we've had tons of fun talking about good CP movies, up to the point that we're actually waitng for more good CP movies to come out just to add to the list.  I thought it might be time to add a list of BAD CP movies to the mix.  My shoe-ins are:

Steel Frontier

New Rose Hotel

I dont know if it counts as CP, but after watching Johnny mneumonic(sp?) I think it is absolutely horrible.
... You don't know if Johnny Mnemonic is CP?  It's got a mutant dolphin addicted to smacK!
Best part of that Johnny movie is Beat Takeshi. Ya know, the yakuza boss with the sword and the ill chrome magnum who looks pissed off behind is desk.. then shows up in the last scene and acts all honorable? Beat Takeshi is the best.

Watch "Hanabi" and "Sonatine"... Sonatine is possibly my favorite movie ever. He's also in BROTHER.

(Edited by BuddhaBrand at 6:46 pm on April 7, 2006)

Brother is a great movie.  He's also in Battle Royal.  Which, I would have to say is decently CP in some aspects.  THe book was better, but the movie was still hot.
Johnny Mnemonic isn't that bad.

Hmmm... worst CP movie ever...

Lawnmower Man 2.

So. Bad.

Thanks for getting us back on topic, Iga. And I'll have to agree.  Lawnmower Man 2 was pure flup.  Possibly the worst CP movie of all time, though there are a few that still rank up (down?) there.

*thinks about a few more*

Okay.  How many here thought Existenz was a pretty bad movie?  It was a cheap matrix ripoff with very little airplay before it hit theaters back in '99.

Oh, and this year's Ultraviolet was pretty terribly done as well.  I wish I could find the comic book on which it was based, though.  Fucking Eurocomics!

(Edited by Grim at 3:13 pm on June 1, 2006)

yeah, existenz sucked. so do all the simsense movies i've seen.
the little bio-decks they use to log in with, :p
my latest submissions of bad CP movies...

Code Hunter (which isn't entirely CP)

Death Race 2000!
Hell comes to frog town, staring Roddy Piper
Apparently not released stateside until Dec 25th, but on the big screen over here already... Children of Men.

About as gritty as it gets, albeit not very cyber. Well worth a watch. :)