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PC-98 games are a cyberpunk goldmine
16-bit heaven

PC-98 games have a gorgeous 90s future-punk aesthetic in a lot of their games. Almost none are in english but they are have amazing art and soundtacks to get lost in.

Cool! I'm a bit skeptical of 90s cyberpunk stuff due to lack of diversity and excessive male gaze, but I'll check it out in some downtime.

OMG, what was that one Genesis cyberpunk game that played like a text adventure (with pics and options up top), where you played as a detective I think? It starts with entering some corporate building.

Sliders? Shivers? Shadows? Sssssssomething?

Also, there was a game on PC I think that opens with an ORB in the main character's bedroom giving him his murder task for the day? Something about an awful clue that you have to get from a 4th-wall-breaking tombstone?

I watched Let's Plays of both of them and I can't seem to find them any more.