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Recombination (a novel by Slither)
Taking place in the Sindome Universe

Hey Everyone.

I've written a book that takes place in the world of Sindome. I finished it in 2010, and have been editing it, sending query letters out, doing more editing, rewriting major parts based on feedback (from some of you! thanks everyone!) and sending out more query letters to agents. As a first time author it's not the easiest thing to get the attention of a literary agent and even harder to get published. When you do, it's up to the author to do their own marketing. It's not until you become a well known author (or catch a break) that a publishing house is going to offer much in the way of marketing.

So, after spending time trying to find an Agent and finding the process both time consuming and disheartening, I have taken matters into my own hands. I'm self publishing my book on Amazon. I will do my own marketing (I run a web design and marketing company anyway, so this isn't a huge stretch for me). That marketing starts here, with my dear fellow players.

I've always had plans for a long term marketing strategy for Sindome, and those plans always involved bringing more attention to our community in various ways. This is one of them.

The book is called Recombination, it is 29 chapters, roughly 90,000 words and is on sale for $4.99 on Amazon. It chronicles the early life of Seven Ecks, his first encounter with the Snakes, and the things that made him who he was when he arrived in Withmore. I would truly appreciate your support, both in buying the book and giving it a good rating (if you think it deserves it) and spreading the word (if you like the book). I will be donating a portion of the proceeds of each book sold, to The Sindome Group and for every non-Sindomer that buys and reads my book we get a chance to introduce someone new to our genre and to our city. Writing Recombination was a labor of love, the outpouring of support I've had over the years has been overwhelming at times. The book is dedicated to each and every one of you. Thank you for all the support.

Get the book on Amazon:

Like the Facebook Page:



Dude, this is awesome! I look forward to reading it.


*bought it already*



Congrats... i hope you have great success with this as i want to read what happens next.

"great riveting read for mixers and corpies alike" - Wintermute.

"a real tour de force.." - the Red Express

"a warning shot across the bows of mundane literature" - NLM.

‘Set for brainstun…one of the most unusual and involving narratives to be read in many an artificially induced blue moon!’ The Times

‘A masterpiece that moves faster than the speed of thought and is chilling in its implications’ New York Times


Thanks everyone. If you do end up getting it, please rate the title and if you are feeling especially awesome, leave a review. Those two things (along with word of mouth) are what makes or breaks a self published book.

Oh, and if a few more of you want to follow Wintermute's lead and write a one sentence review, I could actually really use those!

Wintermute (and anyone else who writes one) do I have your permission to use your micro review on the marketing materials for the book (web, press release, facebook, etc). Happy to use only first name and last initial, or your awesomely cyberpunk BGBB names.

Again, you guys are awesome and I really, truly, appreciate the support. And just so everyone knows, almost all my marketing material is also geared toward getting people to play SD as well.

I call that feeding two mixers with one chy.


Slither of course you can quote me.. but if you prefer use the following rather than those daft ones i just chucked up..

how about.

"Recombination is a true page turned, gripping from start to finish. The author drags the reader in, imbuing the characters in with hopes, dreams.. peril and adventure. All the more impressive as this is the authors first foray into the published literary world. Based in the world and filled with familiar characters of the popular online Game Sindome, both the initiated and newcomers to Withmore and the distopia cyberpunk world of Sindome will be captivated and enthralled by the this book. A great read and i for one cant wait to find out what happens next."

Thanks again Wintermute. I really appreciate it.

Any of you that bought the book on Amazon, please rate/review it. It helps a ton! If you haven't bought the book yet, well, whatcha waiting for? ;)


Just bought my copy. Gonna try to get in a bit of reading before I fall asleep.

Done and done.. now write the 2nd book :P

where's book two already? come on.... we are waiting.....

also bump :)

You know, an audiobook would be cool too.

Recombination is FREE for a limited time on Amazon. Don't miss out! Download your copy today!

Hey Everyone!

I'm posting this because I want to ask for your help. If you've at some point purchased or downloaded by book while it was free, it would be incredibly, awesomely helpful to me as an author, if you would leave a review and rate the book on Amazon.

I'm not asking you to leave a 5 star 100% positive review if you didn't like the book or weren't completely utterly enthralled by it. Obviously if you are thinking of leaving a 1 star review and putting 'sux0rz' as the review, maybe like, forget you saw this post-- but for anyone else, it would be very very helpful.

Higher rates books, and books with more reviews are treated differently by Amazon and by consumers. Let me put it to you this way: you land on a book on Amazon you've never heard of but looks like it might be good. It costs 99 cents which isn't much but you aren't like, giving money away here, if the book has 5 or 10 reviews you can imagine it's not terrible and has gotten a bit of exposure but you aren't totally sold.

Now, imagine the same situation but the book as 30 or 40 or 100 reviews. Well, assuming they aren't all 1 star, you can make a safe bet that this is worth your time!

Help me and help Sindome (yes, plucking those Sindome heartstrings) by leaving a review of Recombination:

Much love! <3

-- Slither


After I finish Mona Lisa Overdrive, Recombination is next on my reading list.

It will be read and reviewed. Thank you so much for writing, publishing and sharing the book!

Oh man, Mona Lisa Overdrive will be a tough book to follow-up-- but I think you'll like it!

I had bought and enjoyed your book very much.

It flowed well, had good visuals without overdoing it, the conversation was real and the characters were real. Good job all around.

oh, and good job on the editing. Grammar and Spelling checks are where several new authors don't spend time or money to have done but you did and that helped with the overall flow of the story.

If you haven't gotten your copy of Recombination yet, get it now! It's FREE for a limited time!

-- Slither