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I don't really know what this is but I like it.

BurnCycle is a circa 95 dos game. Much fun, apparently...should be able to download it somewhere on the net...but honestly, for a good time go with Blade Runner. A circa 97, westwood game based on the theme of you guessed it...Blade Runner. Its sick, and has more happy endings then a massage parlor. Unfortunately, since EA acquired Westwood it can be hard to come by...but since apparently bit torrent accounts 1/3 of the internets bandwidth...YARR!

What's weird is.. I used to play Command and Conquer way back in the day on Westwoods servers.. 'Westwood Chat' and I distinctly remember the 'new release' of Bladerunner and how cutting edge it was gonna be. To bad I never pursued it. Now its my mission to find it.

It's all about Syndicate Wars people.

*busts out the Pacifier*

I actually remember that game. I don't know if I played it, but distinctly remember watching that commercial before. I had one of those Phillips CDi consoles back in 92 or 93. Correction, I still have it somewhere in my apartment. It was very awkward to play games on (unless you went out and purchased a gamepad or joystick). Most of the games available when I first got it were choose-your-own-adventure style, because the controller was a strange remote with a post in the middle to move the cursor around the screen and buttons surrounding it. Thanks for the flashback. :evil:

Ohhh syndicate wars was the shit... I loved those hovercar things. But I found some even crazier shit from before my time.

the infocom game "Circuit's Edge" which seems pretty hardcore.

And of course, the game version of NEUROMANCER, which I haven't yet messed with.

Both are available at this cool site filled with 'abandon-ware'

Thanks for sharing the love. :1337:

*squees happily*

Mmm. Abandonware.
SID chip.
Commodore 64.
*is in heaven*

Some day, Home of the Underdogs will  be back, too. Then I will be truly happy.

(...small things amuse small minds.)




So there.



Anyone here ever play Omicron:The Nomad Soul?  It's an interesting take on CP.