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Sindome, The Flash Trailer
f33r m7 133t f145h 5k1lls!

So I've been teaching myself Flash, just because I think it's a cool technology.  I did up a short intro for Sindome. One of these days I'll stick it in an IFrame so you don't see the cruft around the border, but for now, feel free to comment on it. Hot? Or not?


Holy crap!!! If that was a teaser for a movie I would buy tickets for the premi�re.

Very cool!!!!

It was ok.


Would it be possible to implement flash into the Matrix or Grid?

It's :cool:. While it didn't crash my computer and runs smooth as a babies butt I'd like to see the HTML version.


Would it be possible to implement flash into the Matrix or Grid?

You mean as far as cut-scene style animations go? Perhaps. The problem is any mission critical extra-content must be platform agnostic, or at least supportable on older systems (read OS9).

Flash, as cool as it is, does not meet this requirement.

If it can be completely bypassed and not affect the user experience, or replaced with an html version on older systems, it's an option, but definately not a promise.

In things like the grid and the matrix, functionality is a more important requirement than it looking amazing. And we remain, ultimately, a text-based experience. Graphics is (clearly) not nearly as strong a medium for our collective resources as code and text is. Deviating to from our core compentency will only result in us accomplishing less.

Having said that, there is a time and a place where pictures can reach places text can't, and we do reconize that, and try to take advantage of it when possible. This is one example. Hopefully I can use this to garner a little free publicity... We'll see.


I have to say that that flash rocks.  It got me pumped.

I would give it a 7.  Not bad, but not spctacular.  If it were a movie trailor I'd go see it just because it's CP and sounds cool.  :)


The flash is cool, nice work, just a little clean up and you could use it for a movie trailer.


That, my friend, could be one -hell- of an advertisment.

Send a link via e-mail?

Post on some boards?

Put in a sig on slashdot ...


I belive it is live on iFilm.

As to flash as a medium for the Matrix...Hmmm...I difficult would it be to code a basic it, it is way to hard to do. I could see if we had 10 full time web programmers working for us, maybe then we could.

I belive it is live on iFilm.

It isn't, because I told them to hold off while I replaced the logo with the offical one, then promptly forgot to give them the final version. Thanks for reminding me.

As to flash as a medium for the Matrix...Hmmm...I difficult would it be to code a basic it, it is way to hard to do. I could see if we had 10 full time web programmers working for us, maybe then we could.

Hey! Fuggitaboutit.


Wow, thats pretty tight Kev...

Now all we need are live actors to play all the cool roles. I think that Johnny Depp would play a mean Rychek...

Screw Johnny depp. Vinn diesel should play -EVERONE-

Vin Diesel would play Dominik.

Aikao would be played by the Harry Potter.

Elijah Wood would play Seven.

Ice Cube would play Mak.

Tom Cruise would play Ari.

Jim Carey would play Nicadeamus.

Bernie Mack would play Tiny.

Will Smith would probably play Brixton (just cause he's a badass.)

All we need now is a Devon, a Lucifer, a Kikai, a Desolate, a Lucien, and a Clint... and we've got ourselves a bunch of dead famous people. ;-)

Edit in: Okay, I'm a dumbass and dunno who played these guys... but...

The guy who played Aragorn would be Lucifer.

The guy who played Legolas would be Lucien.

(Edited by Lucifer at 3:20 am on Dec. 21, 2004)

What? No midgets?


Will Smith as Brixton....?

I got my line up....

Dimitri...Arnold Scw...ya know what...not even gonna try with the last name. Terminator.

Lance...Keanu Reeves

McGill...Bruce Willis

Franco...That one dude who is in the professional...the hitman..Leon..

Warren...Snoop Dogg


Zach - Kenny Baker

Quote: from Lucifer on 4:18 am on Dec. 21, 2004[br]Aikao would be played by the Harry Potter.

Christ.  That's one scary Harry Potter.

That is cool, at least I thiink it is. Good job.

Since we're being completely random here:

I think Lucifer should be played by Chris Tucker.

Mike Myers could be Ari.


Zander - Colin Farrell

Null Void - Sol from Snatch

Sumo guy @ Grunen's - Samo Hung

Old Man Thompson - Clint Eastwood

Badlands Bruiser - John Basedow

Inquisitor (Censored) - Jesse 'The Body' Ventura

Please do a search for the topic 'Sindome: The Movie' and keep -this- topic on topic. Thanks.