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Snatcher [Game & Radio Drama]
Snatchin' yo people up!

At first I wanted to post this in response to the Blade Runner PC thread, but thought this well deserves a thread of its own, so here it is!

Snatcher takes a lot of its inspiration from Blade Runner and as its PC adaptation, it's a crime and investigation graphical adventure game. Not to spoil anything, I will say there are a lot of similarities; unlike the cyborgs in Blade Runner, Snatchers have invaded human society with the full intend of taking over. They murder their targets and take their bodies as their own, replacing the dead and blending in (which is well explained at the beginning of the game).

While it's a fair deal more colorful due its usage of pixel art and the pallet they use, it's certainly worth watching/playing if you have the time to spare. The Sega CD version has several parts censored, but is the only version that's seen an English translation. The only version that hasn't seen censorship is the PC-88 version, but that one, sadly, hasn't seen a fan-made translation yet as far as I'm aware.

Full Sega CD Playthrough:

"This story is dedicated to all those cyberpunks who fight against injustice and corruption every day of their lives." -- Intro of Snatcher

There's also a radio drama translated by fans for those interested in listening.

Been skimming through it. There are some decent pixel scenes like the trafdic & dance/strip club but I find the Christmas music at 1hr 10min funny.