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The Enforcer I
Closer then you might think..

I just walked into the living room of my house and my friend says check this out, and he points to the TV where he is watching a Modern Marvels - A history of Bullets.  It premired today (December 3rd, 2007) at 1PM.

On the show the have a gun that has four different barrels, and can fire four different bullet types.

This gun also checks fingerprints or something and will only fire for authorized users.  If an unauthorized user attempts to shoot it, it frys the guns circuits and it will never fire again.

Does this remind you of anything?

I watched that, it was bad ass. One problem I had with it that was very unlike the Enforcer we have is that it fried and wouldn't fire again, which limited it's ability to be handed around. If you're in a firefight and you drop your weapon, you may not want your enemy to use it, but you wanna be able to have your partner toss it to you, or to let your partner use it. Which is why I like what we got.