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The Island
Go see it, July 22nd!

Has anyone else seen the crazy CP feeling trailer for this movie? I rarely see it on, but maybe its always on some channel besides sci-fi, comedy or cartoon, but that would seem like the wrong audience to me. *shrugs*

Anyways, go check out the trailers and the sites for it. Since their movie sites, they require flash, but its cool.

The Island, movie website

Go here, watch the movie clip and then click on 'cam 1' at the bottom right

The wallpapers available are great propoganda pieces too.

Does it remind you of Running Man? Logan's Run? Something else I'm overlooking?

I know it's a Michael Bay film and all, so it's going be contrived and unrefined, but it still gives me goosebumps.

Good luck winning the lottery!

I saw the preview in the theater, it looks excellent.  I got goosebumps too!

Saw Denver's sneak preview screening of this film last night.

Top notch dood.

Just got home from seeing it.  Damn good of the few movies this last year worth going to the theaters for...

DamN!  I was gunna go see it today, but I didn't get a chance.. I'm going to see it soon.. i was hoping it would be good.

I think you'll be very happy with it....its just weird at how things go....but enough said for now...alittle freaky

No spoilers please, I'm stuck home sick in bed and I want to enjoy it. Just saying before anyone posts something I don't know already. :)

Yes...I was going to go tonight but my g/f is out of town, as are all of my friends, and I hate going to see shit by myself, so I'll probably go later this week.

Sounds like it's a good one though, which will be a nice change from what's been coming out lately.

Next up on the CP must-see list movie : Aeon Flux!

Quote: from Lotus on 10:54 pm on July 22, 2005[br]
Next up on the CP must-see list movie : Aeon Flux!

When's that coming out?

I've seen the trailer and about half a dozen commercials for this damned movie, and each one looks like a differant movie.

I hear it wanks. And for the $13.00 to catch a flick, I won't go to something that wanks.


THX-1138 Johnny?

And that site is very well done.


Download it. ARR!

13 bucks to go see a movie? Oh. hold up, you people use that inferior canadian play money. :-D

It's only 6 bucks down here. Saw The Devils Rejects last night, plan on seeing the island tommorow.

Saw The Devils Rejects last night

How was it? Scary stupid? Or just stupid?


morbid. lots of titties. Has its dumb moments. Overall, a B- .