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Connectint your brain to a computer
FDA approved!!!

The FDA approved Cyberkinetics to begin the trial on it's brain-computer connection. It's a small chip of four square milimeters that if successfull will allow the chipped person to command a computer just by tought.

Man I could be generating typos in lightspeed now!

Just wait, in 5 years we'll all be waiting for a blackout before beating people senseless for their wallet.

What, no-one else here is a thief?

Heheh, they would need to figure something out about that one..

"The city of LA has just experienced a major power outage.... as many of you haven't noticed yet." :sleep:

My god. This is scary.

Are we really going to trust a company that called the brain/computer interface 'BrainGate(tm)'

Seriously...corporations seriously need people involved to help them with shit like this. Hello, can you say 'WaterGate'? Scandal here! Scandal!! Plus, so uncool...