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CP looking concept cars

Design Los Angeles concept cars

eh, The concepts for the "07"(likely fake) Camaro and the Concept for the Challenger look cooler.

eh, The concepts for the "07"(likely fake) Camaro and the Concept for the Challenger look cooler.

I like the GMC Pad...

it was interesting to note that a few concepts were about leisure while you travel.  

the rescue vehicle was sweet too.


I heard from a friend the camaro concept was designed by some guy down in California or something, and that htey cant accept outsid eplans because of insurance reasons, is that true? Does anybody know?

Quite a few students and camaro enthusiasts have drafted up their versions of the camaro, but I believe that GM -did- show up to the 2006 Detroit Auto Show with a "2009 Camaro Concept," which wasn't based on any of the drawings that'd previously been circulating.

Oooh, I like that. The interior looks awesome! The body is so-so.

I shall take that car, and name it Kit.

Yes, indeed.  I like the 09 concept, like a cross between a roadster and a hunter-killer UAV.