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Cyberpunk Film Set or Japanese Sewer?
Pictures and information on the underside of Japan

Hi everyone. It's been a long time since I've been able to get in touch with the Sindome or the BB's...just thought you guys could appreciate this article/picture set I found on the Japanese sewer system. It really does look like a futuristic space station or something.



Watched a TV show about the development of that system a few years back. Technically its size has nothing to do with basic sewage, it's designed as a defence against flooding caused by typhoons or a tsunami. The pictures are actually an underground reservoir designed to handle vast quanties of flood water.

Here's the original site with the photos the guy used in his blog. It shows a bit more of the above-water-level structures which are still just amazing. It is indeed designed to divert wastewater from tsunamis and typhoons along with just about any other unneeded water source away from delicate architecture in metropolitan and suburban areas.

My personal fav would have to be the warehouse-sized impeller from the water pumps - (Katakana at the bottom of the picture says 'Ponpu Inperu' or 'Pump Impeller')


(Edited by Hunter at 12:33 am on July 23, 2007)

Dear God. This looks like an industrialist photographer's dream.

Just imagine all of the potential for movie sets.. or even just scenes...

...or LASER TAG!