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It's almost here:

(Edited by Murphy at 7:25 pm on June 17, 2002)

This too:

ooo i saw a whole piece on that on TV... interesting, the blind man could drive! drive i tells ye!

*looks on in awe*

Wow ... the detail in this article really made me realize were actually living the history.

I'M SITTING ACROSS FROM A BLIND MAN � CALL HIM PATIENT Alpha � at a long table in a windowless conference room in New York. On one end of the table there's an old television and a VCR. On the other end are a couple of laptops. They're connected by wires to a pair of homemade signal processors housed in unadorned gunmetal-gray boxes, each no bigger than a loaf of bread. In the corner stands a plastic ficus tree, and beyond that, against the far wall, a crowded bookshelf. Otherwise, the walls are white and bare. When the world's first bionic eye is turned on, this is what Patient Alpha will see. Read on for more.

Holy shit that's awesome!  If they can compact that down and offer all those nifty accessory components (X-ray, Nightvision, Internet compatibiliy) I'm gonna save up some money and gouge my own eyes out!  whee!