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Invisible wear?
Nah. It just blends in.

I was reading Time's Coolest inventions of 2003, and I saw all the ones I expected to see, as well as a few I didn't...

But this one took the cake.

Luc will especially appreaciate this one I'm sure.


(Edited by Kevlar at 1:24 pm on Nov. 10, 2003)

There should be optical camo in-game.  :D

that would be cool, but abused even more than shrouds (probibaly harder to code and more bug prone too

It would be ingame so it could be abused, i mean.. thats what its made for IRL..

Actually, I started coding them before I went AWOL for a while...

One or two of them is -nearly- done... but needs alot of integration work to fit the new systems and what not.

Kev? Tack it on the list!

One or two of them is -nearly- done... but needs alot of integration work to fit the new systems and what not.

It's amazing how you can ignore the subtle clues of the english language when you don't stop to think before you type. It's simply not possible for something to be nearly done and still need a lot of integration work.

Screw military uses... when are they gunna be availible at the gap!

w00t military!

Maybe I'll come to MOObash in one.

*giggle* Oh I wish....ah well.