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It has begun
The first human clone

It'll be interesting to see if the results of the genetic testing confirm this or not.

I was just reading the same story. They're some crazy group who thinks we were put here by aliens though.

I think it's amazing, the first human clone! And also kind of sad. What will life be like for that little girl growing up? I hate to think and I hope that her identity will be protected so that she can be as normal as possible.

I saw that on the news tonight. Kinda creepy if you ask me.

Ah, folks, the joy's of cloning.   There's one thing here that bugs me, though.  These Raelians say they have a clone, but that doesn't mean they do.  First off, I like data.  Cold, hard information--on paper and CDR in triplicate, signed in blood.  As of yet, these creepos haven't provided a shed of evidence proving that they've attained the inevitable.  What also bugs me is the fact that Shrub, the US guv'ment, and several other nations have deemed human cloning something that we shouldn't tamper with.  They want to ban cloning for the foreseeable future, when cloning may eventually save human lives.  Anyways, back on topic.  So we have a prototypical Jenna-X in the makes, plus several others along the way sometime in January.  This makes for interesting reading, I'll tell you, but I have extreme doubts about whether or not the Raelians are going to pull through on this entire mammalian cloning business.

Nonetheless... things might be pretty different if they succeed.

*eagerly awaits "The Dummies Guide to Building Your Own Grand Army of the Republic"*