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Sony Invention Beams Sights, Sounds Into Brain
One Step closer to 'Neuromancer-mode'

Sony Invention Beams Sights, Sounds Into Brain

I want one of those with porn movies!

Original New Scientist Article

Can't get it? Use a logon from BugMeNot.

That is the lamest reason for a patent I have ever seen.

"This might be the way technology goes..."

What next?

"oh, well, you know, it's kinda cool..."

"Well, you see, we think this might be the way things may go some time... some day... maybe...but we don't have a working version, just this idea. Sorta."

"Look patent office clerk, we'll slip you 50k if you push this one through..."

"...I will take antrax and make it look like your little brother mailed it to the Whitehouse...ah, there's a good patent office clerk..."

If Sony can get a patent on an idea that isn't even functionally working yet, things are really bad. Hell, it isn't even THEORETICALLY working yet. Some  'researcher' just had some 'idea' that he lifted from a Gibson novel, threw some technojargon at it, and Sony pushed a patent through on something as undeveloped as this.

Makes. Me. Sick.

On the other hand, VIVA LA STIMSIM!!

Sure, why not. let's just start taking out patents on things that we're not good enough to make, but might make in the future. Not only will we look like a bunch of greedy bastards, but we will impede scientific progress for the duration of our patent, so it's all good.