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The first arcology
Another step closer to the future

Yes, there are plans to build this.

In 2004 we call it a Mega-City.

In 2089, it's called an arcology.


dude I saw some program on the discovery channel about this, and all I have to say... All I can say about this is Holy Shit.....

Now I have an answer for "Where do you see yourself in 15 years?" ;)

Now how do you cope with the psychological effects of dislocation from a physical land space if you are living in an appartment on the 125th floor?

I saw that discovery special, the ways they plan to deal with winds and techtonics are really interesting.

yeah, that really amazed me, funny cause I watched it just last night while rp'ing.... heh

I think it wouldn't really have any huge adverse effects on me, as long as I could visit the ground now and again.

I missed the special, but this thread was based on the opening 30 seconds of the show I saw.

As for the dislocation ...

Bring it on!

I wanna do a run on one of those arcologies and escape through the drainage system....


Does anyone else have any more info on this or anything similar? I'm writing a paper, and I'm interested to see what other stuff like this is out there.

Ever heard of Google?

Maybe something like

Ya know, when you think about it.  The dome is kind of an arcologu all by itself, without the ones on blue inside it.  Anyways, still some pretty cool stuff.

(Edited by Hirononbu at 10:32 am on Feb. 14, 2004)

Awesome, thanks.

It's not quite an arcology, but it's a fasinating glimpse of the marvels of man's engineering.

Welcome to Palm Island

that's pretty damn cool, i must say.

Buckminster Fuller was an architect that designed geodesic domes and stuff, generally for the purpose of providing the strongest building available for the limited amount of material used, to provide shelter, and effectively the chance of self contained climates in third world countries etc, where the climate can be seen as a hindrance to being pulled out of poverty.

I�m not sure what your project is on, but that may be a help.. if it didn�t come too late.


Indeed, if it wasn't for Bucky, Withmore City couldn't of been built :biggrin:

Here's a good doc on him.

Yeah, that's why I put it in my character history ;)

mmmm....buchminister fullerines....

This here is something close to what I've always thought of the 'dome' as being...sort of...

I call the penthouse on top.