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The War Room
or war planning at the movies!

So, I've come to the conclusion that the strategists and planners that came up with our plan of attack decided to take a less from Hollywood.

I mean, isn't that what 'Shock and Awe' is? Big, fast and baddass. Sounds like your standard action movie to me.

Now, I'm not going to preach about the rights or wrongs of this war, but I am watching this thing from the angle that this is the first cyberpunk war.

This is the battlefield of the Sindome century. Look at how far we've evolved war in the last 200 years. I mean, we used to line up across a field from each other and stand there while we fired at each other. We used to drop bomb after bomb just 'over a city' and hope it hit its target. Now were hitting specific buildings at exact locations and speeds.

Next the drones will be blowing up drones. God knows thats a rigger fight. Anyways, here is the link to the article.

The War Room - Newsweek

Well, on the drone vs drone fight, we're halfway there.

There have been very sporadic reports of unmanned aircraft not only being used for recon and bomb damage assessment, but to actually drop ordinance, JDAMs specifically as I remember.

I'll post a link if I can find one.

Now all we need is the modern day decker equivalents to take over Iraqi TV and a few other 'information assets' ..

All that tech and the most impressive thing they manage to blow out of the sky is a friendly returning from a combat mission...

Is it not worrying that between this war and the original Gulf war, Americans have killed more Brits than the Iraqies? Trigger happy buffoons, all of ya ;)

I had a very nice, tongue in cheek reply all written and in the interest of avoiding an international incident, I deleted it.

Welcome back ... :)

Much as it'd be nice, I'm not "back" per say, just lurking on the borders and maintaining political channels with the largely hostile occupying forces... or something. :)

Largely hostile forces my left bracket [

Yadda yadda...