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Too Much Information
where do we draw the line?

A day or two ago I came across this article from the New Yorker which..well...freaked me out. I've never read more than a few pages of George Orwell's <i>1984</i>, but this slice of info about the Information Awareness Office of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the Dept. of Defense has convinced me that to prevent utter dystopia from setting in, politicians need to read more science fiction.
Even if you're sick to death of the whole war-on-terror schpiel (this article springs from the Department of Homeland Security debate), the reporter tosses in references to great movies like <i>Blade Runner</i> and <i>Dr. Strangelove</i> as well as...gotta love it...the Ministry of Silly Walks - so do <a href="">check it out</a>.

Also, part of this article was quoted in a compilation of information on new advances in AI and Robotics, which is also pretty interesting if you have some time to spare. That can be viewed <a href= "">here</a>.

(Edited by Lena at 4:20 pm on Dec. 13, 2002)

Sounds like what Datamerica is.

And they called me paranoid 5 years ago when I said this would happen. Sheesh.

I tell ya, patterns within patterns. All spinning in a web of ever complex interactions...

*wraps tinfoil about his computer to 'stop the Americans' from seeing it from space and reading its mind*

I only joke because I am terrified.