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Added random names?

I remember last year when there was the suggestion to add additional random names to the sic's who list to help show that there are a lot of people (and one can imagine millions) and there were a few different reasons to do that. It was a good idea.

This is an idea that isn't important but can add some flavor and detail like the additional names / characters on the Who list. (I don't know the coding involved and if it's not super simple and/or is time consuming then there are other better things to focus on but here's the suggestion.)

When someone logs in and goes to the forums, they will see users logged in and browsing which is usual for forums. (# use(s) active & Guests #/Members#)

How about a small list of random names cycling through there? When we log in and browse, it'll show our names on the list still but also, it can possibly list a handful of other names?

It's not a big deal but there are 65 million people or so in Withmore. Forums would show a consistent activity since it is a combination of News, Employment, Advertisements, chit chat, etc.

As I mentioned, I'm not familiar with coding and of course I'd rather focus be elsewhere on the other goodies the coders are working on if this isn't something simple. It's just an wee idea off the top of me little head. ;)

It would be simple, but low-value busywork, for GMs to generate this activity.

It isn't simple at all to do this in code.

That's one of the possibilities I was thinking it might be.

Thanks. :) You all can be put to much better use anyways.