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Admin Approved Ebook Flogging
My sci-fi/cyberpunk mystery is free on Amazon (July 1 - 3rd)

Hi everyone,

Super excited to announce that my sci-fi ebook Terms of Service is out on Amazon and that it's free until the end of July 3rd. There's a print version too, but I can't discount that given printing costs.

It's the story of a guy who's always read about and wanted to be a detective but never really got a case that mattered. Then he gets blackmailed into one that nearly kills him. A lot.

I've OK'ed this post with SD staff. I can only make it free for a few days, so please grab a copy before the end of the 3rd if you're interested. I've been working on this thing for close to three years now. Thanks!

This book was outstanding.

Outstanding among all the fiction I've read this decade, not just outstanding among "free e-books".

I see there's a Book Two now, and I have no idea what Spectrum Lathe means, so, there must be even more going on in this universe than was revealed in the first book. What an achievement.

I hope it's as noir as the first! Great job, floored.

I already grabbed Rim City Blues, but I somehow missed this one! Bought it just now.
This book was outstanding. Outstanding among all the fiction I've read this decade, not just outstanding among "free e-books".

My heart just about burst when I read this. I'm not usually a softie I swear! What an incredible review to read. Definitely made my week!

Would you mind leaving a review for it on Goodreads? I've been getting a few lately so I think we're ok OOC rules-wise.

Getting it out there is such a challenge, and goodreads is a huge platform. It's really leaving Amazon in the dust in terms of social proof with readers. If you're not on there already though an Amazon review would be awesome too.

Here's the chronological story outline of the works I have coming out. Some of them are still in editing:

Rim City Blues (62 pages, out on Amazon already)

That Hardline Habit (10 pages, coming to Amazon ebook soon)

The Dead Note (20 pages. Link will be in the back of above ebook)

Terms of Service (420 pages, out on Amazon already)

Critical Failure (working title. Written but in editing. Probably 6 months out. 380ish pages.)

RCB is how Aimes comes to Neotopia, and the following two short stories are his first cases. Critical Failure is set after Terms of Service and is a full length novel. I don't want to spoil the ending of the ToS but Critical Failure is a straight up sequel.

My goal is for it to always be Noir to the bone. Aimes is going to slowly turn into the cold, hard badass that he's always wanted to become. But it's going to come at a cost. I'm aiming for a Dresden Files-esque long term series with 10+ books. Spectrum Lathe is the name of the overall series and has significance that will be hinted at in book 2. It's a big over-arching mystery.

I have recently got some new cover art done that I'll share later tonight. I'm so stoked about it. I like the current cover but this new team I've been working with is insane. So thankful for those of you that have been taking a look at my fiction! Now go beat some bakka into a curb and steal his underwear!

My Terms of Service cover is only in PDF format but here's the cover art I was really excited about. Its from one of the short stories I'm putting out soon. Hoping to do an audiobook too if I can find the time.

That Hardline Habit just hit Amazon for free!

(Also I can't seem to figure out how to direct link images here even after 4+ years of being on the forums...)

Felix finally made it into Neotopia, and he's getting his first case. In SD terms, he's a mixer being hired by a grid-addicted fallen corporate to find a quickterm in a tiny cubicle. He knows the man won't pay, but he's desperate to become a detective.

I hope to god this imgur link works this time. I'd rather not double-post but I might try if I mess it up again. If someone with better link-fu can help me in that case I'd be ever grateful.

Getting close to releasing the sequel to Terms of Service as well. Thanks so much for taking a peek everyone, and have fun in the Dome!

Last try on the image...

Did it work? Please?