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And the -not's- of current Sindome advertisements

I'm a Communications/PR student. That means, I'm getting prepared to become the publicist, the marketer, the designer and the internal-external relations agent, all at the same time. I'm known IG as Matthew, maybe some of you have seen me around.

As I joined Sindome, my dream of a game entirely focused on roleplay finally came true. Regardless of if I enjoy or not, I believe the cyber-punk theme in our MU* is excellent. We've managed to describe it to perfection, except one single thing, that is advertisements.

Advertisement, as you see it on the game, would simply not work nor exist, specially 80 years into the future. Advertisement like 'cereals falling through the background' and the name of the brand being said would simply get ignored and would -not- work, the boards would probably notice that, fire the publicist and hire a new one. Advertisement is, nowadays, *starting* to focus on the client and his emotions. Just check the superbowl. If it makes you laugh, feel sad, based on YOUR needs and not by trying to sell the product, it works. Obviously the end-goal is to sell something. But, it's subjective. They hide or mask it between a commercial that attempts to pull your emotions *on*.

If you guys need help writing some of the advertisement scripts, I've already offered myself on the email!

Please tell me what you think!

New advertisements are being made IC. It's part of the roleplay. If you really really want to help, maybe you should think about signing on to do just that.

But other then that, please, I'm sure the people working on them would love help from a real professional

Oh. I thought advertisement were done OOC. Who creates these advertisements?
The old ones were made by staff. Newer ones are being made by players.

As for who....Just ask on Open SIC

I just wanted to add that for the theme the blitzkrieg ad approach is highly prevalent in most CyberPunk works, whether it would work or not based on the current course of advertising now is highly subjective and most likely incorrect. I am very sure 80 years ago the type of advertising we did now was probably unheard of and wouldn't have been deemed successful.

When you have 60 million people packed into a place, it really isn't quality that drives people toward products, it's likely wide-spread availability and awareness. Today's ad's and commercials work on us because we have a lot of free time after working an 8 hour shift to sit down and relax in our homes or apartments, there's time to appeal to our disposable income and convince us we need something. I don't think it works that way in the Dome. People are struggling to make ends-meet, the time they have to sit infront of the TV to see a commercial is from that ad blimp flying overhead and forcing me to look up briefly.

Besides, if you're not emotionally touched by SIC Puppy, either crying, smiling or laughing all at the same time, you might be reading it wrong. :-) Not to mention the Osakasama Beer advertisement has to be one of the best written advertisements I've seen in the MOO, hehe.

I still say whoever made that Osakasama Beer commercial should get a raise in UE.

Thanks for the input.

Yes. The theory I'm telling you was designed 100 years ago and it's been standing for years. It's based on the evolve of advertisement. Even the current type of approach TV spaces have stands with current theories. Marketing is a science, it's not like we're saying stuff that is unbased. All theories are based upon scientific investigations, most of them based on hundreds of years of investigation regarding human conduct.

I'm not talking about quality. I'm saying that advertisement in the future is not like "[A pack of cereals falling in the background] The brand-new state-of-art cereals in the world... It's Crusty Captain! Because if you eat it, poo poo he says!" Advertisement in the future WILL be agressive, but it won't be that simple. It will try to either make people smile, laugh, cry or some type of emotion.

I'm not criticizing SIC puppy. I AM criticizing certain advertisements. I AM inviting the staff or whoever creates ads to bring it to a new level. At the end, GOOD advertisements will be enjoyable to read for the players. It will make a much more living and nice world!

Tell me what ya' think.

Well.. let me ask this: why does it even matter how realistic the in-game advertisements are relative to how they might be in real life 85 years from now?

How does it benefit the players' enjoyment of the game or the strength of the theme for the ads to match what would work in real life rather than focusing on what matches with the tone already set by the game world? These are not mutually exclusive, of course, but if one is going to be favored over the other, there should be a reason for it.

I tell ya what. I do enjoy the naked lady trying to sell me jewelry or the chex taxi cab harassing me about using the maglev. I'd like to see more of those in places.

Walk into an outlet store and an array of Holo-ads start being broadcasted at you, or maybe location triggered private SIC ads.

Maybe every so often one of them ad-blimps comes crashing down and triggers an event that results in a news story being put up. 50 Mixers fried to a crisp after ad-blimp mysteriously pulls a Hindenburg on a slum. Then at the bottom, the very ad that was playing, the LAST thing those mixers saw in their frightened eyes is blasted all over the news page.

Now that's some CP advertisement blitzkrieg.

@Grok: I'm not talking about that type of advertisement. It --does-- give you an emotion. I've been giving the same example every time: the cereals falling in the background. I believe these type of advertisement could get --improved--. Improvement is good. Players might enjoy adverts that try to sell the product with emotions. The physical bots are great! They are something advertisement in the future -will- use. The TV adverts are not -that- good. Some are.
Well I'm sure staff might appreciate someone writing new advertisements for the MOO, whether it be OOC or IC.

I'm not totally familiar with this cereal advertisement though.But if it were holographic cereal falling around me while standing at the maglev and my character hasn't eaten recently, i would probably feel compelled to RP being hungry for it just because it's there.

-That- would be a great alternative, as you say. On the TV, not so much!
In my opinion, the current advertising works for not only the theme for the time period.

The only things that would advertised in emotional way would be something like the suicide kits in Children of Men. The advert for that was your typical modern advert, but instead of advertising for bottled mineral water, it was for a drinkable suicide kit called "Quietus".

As for the current advertisement: it's very CP and Sci-Fi to be annoying and hammy - in a good way. The corporations rule the majority of the Withmore industry. They don't HAVE to convince you that their product is better than their competitors.

If anything, personally, I think there should be more of the current adverts on Gold to this extent:[/ulr]

Azzameen - Yes, I agree. I can see the brief ads shown in Minority Report.

Also, the ads in Bladerunner stood out - The oriental woman's head putting something in her mouth, & the coca-cola logo in its red background (nothing more than that) on the side of a building.

The time period has people flying by or driving past and don't have time to pay attention or look at and pay attention to these animated billboards.

Commercials that have more to them are being created in game, but I see a majority of them as animated billboards.

I look forward to seeing what you may come up with though. :) Seems you already have some ideas.


I still say whoever made that Osakasama Beer commercial should get a raise in UE.

By BruceKadine at May 22, 2014 3:10 PM

That is one hell of an ad. :D

How I imagine a lot of cube/coffin advertisements should play out.